VIdeo tour of the stadium construction

It given by Larry Smith. Its in french but it has subtitles for those who need

So you want to split a luxury box ? 30k each :lol:

Als should have a live Camera from the Hospital roof or where the McGill gym, it could be live 24/7 where we could see the progress on the Als webpage....just have a refresh rate of 1 picture per 15-30-60 seconds....

Almost all major stadium contruction have that feature in the US, why not here ?

Thats a great idea

Looking good guys, I am envious for my Argos.
Heck maybe they should look at the Vancouver "temporary stadium" model and try it on for size at York U in Toronto.

at the 1:49 mark of the vid....are they expanding the lower level before adding the second level above?
thats what it looks like to me, anyways.

Talk about timing....5,000 new seats available right after a Grey Cup win.

Can't wait to see the final product!