Video: Steve Milton on the pre season game

Steve is a good interviewee. Sounds as if Boltus will see significant action.

Can't wait to see what the both of them write up after the game.

Here's the direct link to that video:

[url=] ... season-mov[/url]

I think porter will see 1st Quater and mid way threw 2nd then give way to Jason.

Go Jason!!


Bellefeiulle said in his video earlier today that Porter will be in for the first quarter, and Boltus will take it the rest of the way. Reason? They've already seen Porter in action, seen what he can do. So while he needs to get some action to get his feet wet this season, they wouldn't see anything they don't already know. Saturday's game is "all about Boltus", in Bellefeiulle's words, to see if he has developed as they've expected him to.

Makes sense to me. Obviously we all know what QP can and can’t do at this point in time…


Indeed........more importantly it makes sense to the coaching staff as well....

"[i]Head coach Marcel Bellefeuille says de facto starter Kevin Glenn will dress, but won't play on Saturday.

He said Porter has shown enough in practice — (“He's throwing the ball with confidence, he's making good decisions.?) — that the team feels comfortable with his production."[/i]

The above from this Spec article:

[url=] ... to-players[/url]