Video Screen getting smaller!?

Remember the first year the video board was revealed. It looked great but, the video was chopped by 1/3 for the game stats. Fans around would complain "what a waste of video board."
The next year they put a thin line at the bottom with the stats and it was perfect. The problem was solved right........WRONG!!
A year or two after that, they not only had the line at the bottom but the chopped the screen by 1/3 again. What gives?
This is a state of the art video board and its being treated like a high school project. Who ever runs this thing has to do his or her homework and research. THE IS SO MUCH POTENTIAL!!!!!
Why have the same amplitude and fetures (or lack there), play by play, game in and game out.
Lets get creative and have stuff like awsome movie clips that will psych the crowd up before an important play (not that anounser sayi"go cats go" to try to pump us up. Im sorry to say, it doesn't do it anymore...too 80's) or historical plays or monents like "THE CATCH" made by Tony Champion in the 89 Grey Cup.
"Steal the best ideas around" Bob Young

I agree only 2/3 of the video board is being used, for replays use the full screen !!

They're working on it. It's next on the list right after corn on the cob in the concessions.

Okay, that's twice I've heard the reference to corn on the cob at the concessions. I realize I'm very far from home and I'm somewhat out of ther loop, but can someone please enlighten me. Did someone actually have the idea to serve corn on the cob?????

Corn is a metaphor.
With internet access I dont think it matters where you live and with it you're always "in the loop".

I love corn. Can we have a poll on what type should be served? :smiley:

Sorry, mark, cob form only. Season starts soon. gotta stay focussed.

Condescension is such a petty, yet predictable trait.

Can somebody get this sad-sack a sense of humour? Life must be so unbearable to be so miserable.

Humour at the expense of others, schadenfreude, and condescending remarks are not thought of as polite behaviour in civilized society. As Oscar Wilde said, 'sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.' Life in may be more bearable with these tactics, but away from that cess-pool they are regarded as petty. As most of your posts here are shots at fellow TiCat fans, why do you continue aggrevating yourself?

If you hope people will see you as clever using year-one community college psychology terms and internet quote generators isnt really the way to go.
I'm a nice guy, believe it or not, so I'll let you off the hook and not talk about your neo-con self hate and its angry culture of complaint and how you project it.

Now its up to you why you shouldnt be seen as an humourless, joyless old crank. Trying to be the website governess isnt helping your case.


My objection to your tactics here has nothing to do with how I'm perceived. I don't like bullies on-line or in real life. I've found the best way to deal with them is directly, which is why I don't let much of your aggression go unchallenged. My intention with you is to let the casual fan who posts here know obnoxious cyber-bullies are an unfortunate and unwanted element in Tigertown. If you don't like my counter-posts then stay in your own realm and wail away at the half dozen or so like-minded souls.

Pretend all you like and feign all the motives you want.
Be a curmudgeon if that's what makes you comfortable. Just don't try and sell it as something profound or intelligent and dont cloak it in moral superority. It fails on three counts.

Curmudgeon…Good word!

I had to look up the definition of 'curmudgeon' as I've never heard that word before. After reading it perhaps something Freudian caused you to select it (gasp! more year one college psych). My objections to you are duly noted and you can take them as profound, intelligent, or not. I really don't care. It's interesting to note how often you make reference to moral superiority. Maybe a little Freudian analysis would uncover the cause of this tendency.

If that's true then that should be the end of it.... but I doubt it.