Video Review?????????

Its gonna be hard to explain this but there was a jump ball on a 50 yrd pass from Ac to Anderson. The first ruling was that Anderson did not have control and was out of bounds. Mathiews throws the challenge flag and after further review.

The refs decide it was an interception for Wpg. :o

I gotta watch the news tonight

PS 21-10 Montreal

This one was hilarious ro... Were you at the game? Matthews shot himself in the foot big time with that flag!

So did instant replay get it right?

A jump ball means the OFFENSE wins the ball (hense throwing the flag). It looked like it could have been INT then he tried to take it out of the DBs hands though. Let's just say we we're all surprised when we saw the BB Offense on the field all of a sudden.
Not sure if it was the right call though.. but ironic as hell!!! If the Big Screen actually showed the replay it would have been nice!!

......of all the challenges in the Lions-Stamps game last night and all of them stayed with the original call....

Well, at least this tool is available as an aid and is probably a "good thing" for lack of a better word.

i still would like to see the replay used to decide some important pass interferance calls....sometimes those calls can decide a game.

but with the replay lookin to be used in reg.season this year, we should see less ref. complaints in this forum.

but with the replay lookin to be used in reg.season this year, we should see less ref. complaints in this forum.

One thing that surprised me about the challenge is that if you challenge an unchallengable call, it it concided to be a lost challenge and you lose your time out

what are the rules for challenges because in the calgary bc game BC and Calgary challenged the call with no timeouts they both lost and nothing happend. then later in the game Calgary wanted to challeng a forward pass by danny mac that was brutally called a fumble but they didn't have any chalenges left.

PS i found the actual replay booths funny because from what i could see it was just a normal tv in a box with a roof over it.

isnt that what all replay booths are?

probably, but the officials have the benfefit of camera angles that we dont see, so they can make the right call.

The first challenge is free! If you lose you do not lose a time out. The second challenge will cost you a time out if you lose. What I am not sure about is if you win the second challenge, do you get a third if you still have a time out?

well from what i've seen the nfl one are just these boxes were there is just enough room for the ref to put his eyes in but the cfl ones are a TV with a box around it

thanks i was confused

Are you kidding??? The Rider and Bomber posters would have nobody else to blame if it wasn't for the zebra's!

And they don't have to listen to Chris Walby's intellegent insight either! :wink:

I feel a little cheated. The only review we had last night was when an Argo receiver caught a pass with less than a minute left and no doubt about the game’s outcome. From where I sat it looked like he stepped out of bounds after making the catch, then ran for about another 5 yards before being pushed out. The replay official asked for the review. (I suspect they just wanted to try out the system, and seeing that the game was about to end with no challenges, called for a review themselves.) The Dofasco TigerVision, our beautiful videoboard, showed the replay from several different angles, which appeared to show that he had stayed in. The play stood.

I believe it was a correct call, but I would have liked to have seen a coach’s challenge, and I would have liked to have seen a play overturned, in a game where it doesn’t matter.

Same sort of thing happened in Edmonton last night. Richard Alston caught a ball that was very low to the ground. The refs called it incomplete, saying it touched the ground. This was with about 20 seconds left in the game, so the replay booth reviewed the play. From my point of view and after watching the replay on the jumbotron, I thought the call should be overruled. 5 minutes later, the ref comes back on and says the play stands.

told you it wouldn't solve everything, but anyway, MUHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! AH HA HA HA HA HUH HA HA HA HA AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!

so, will IR get the green light for the regular season?