Video Review

Where are the getting the video to review the play?
They always use the TV footage but the game is not televised?

Good question. That's a head scratcher

they have to have camera men there, or how could they show anything on the jumbo-tron?...they prolly just dont have as many angles as they would for a televised game.

That would be my guess, because last year on the Jumbotron at Molson Stadium, in Pre-Season they had replays, but only a certain amount of angles.

jim popp was just on CJAD saying the argos are gonna give him a copy of the game tape so he can review it when making there has to be atleast 1 camera man at every game.

remember in '05, there were afew renegade games not televised, and i figured there has to be a camera man there, because if something happens and a player SHOULD be suspended, how would the league beable to review it without game footage?

That makes sense.

It's not just required for the league to review. It's also the coaches. There's no way a coach would play an exhibition game without having tapes. The whole purpose of these games is to evaluate players, and tapes are absolutely invaluable for that.
If the league weren't providing them, you can be sure the teams would be doing it on their own.

Team 1040 said any review would come from the "In House" Stadium cameras.

(That should be interesting...the in house cameras are usually focussed on fans or chearleaders!

...I heard that to celebrate the Edmonton Arts and Design Festival starting tomorrow the game there tonight will not feature video replay but rather a team of prose and poetry writers will capture the play-by-play action through a combination of creative short verse writing and haiku...