Video Review MUST Be Changed

So, two games into the season and we've already had FOUR video review plays that were clearly called wrong by the blind men in the booth. Are the officiating apologist here ready to admit that the CFL is incapable of administering video review and it is time to eliminate it?

A video review should be correct 99% of the time (human error will eventually come into play), but with the ability to take multiple looks, from multiple angles, at multiple speeds including frame by frame there is ZERO excuse for going 0-4 over 2 games. And the 4 calls they got wrong impacted these games. The purpose of video review is to get the call right, but if they can't handle that I would rather live with the wrong call by the official who only had one look from one angle at full speed and not have the joke that is video review killing the flow of the game as well as blowing calls.

It usually takes 3-4 weeks to get 4 blown calls that are this obvious, but they managed it this season in only 2 GAMES. Video review is a huge part of why I don't watch every game anymore and didn't watch a full game after week 4 last season.

Well...there have been 5 clear replays shown, and one for sure was correct (the illegal contact one in Sask/Montreal game) and the double TD one in the Cal/Ott game seems to have a general vibe of being correct.

So you’re OK with a video review system that gets 4 calls wrong in 2 games? I don’t care how many they get correct when they are averaging 2 wrong a game. Video review is supposed to get the call right to improve the game, but instead it is getting the call wrong and an unbelievable rate and having a negative impact on the game.

I’m not saying eliminate it entirely, but take a page from the NFLs book; remove it temporarily while they rebuild and test a better way to do it and bring it back when it’s ready and they have someone competent enough to administer the system.

Right now you have a blind man trying to work a broken system.

I count 2 incorrect calls - in 2 games. Which is absolutely pathetic.

Saskatchewan fumble at the goal and calgary fumble with 3:30 in the 4th.

I don't think replay needs changing but the person judging them does.

How about going back to the ref on the field calling it and he has the final word. No video replay, no challenges.
We seemed to manage 100 years or so without videos and challenges.
Reviews and challenges are slowing the game down, we don't need them, scrap it!!

LOL...where did I say anything resembling that? Where did I give the slightest indication of that? FFS...I even started a thread on it tallying them. I have done nothing ever but say it is Fd.

And again...the you are saying 0/4 but there were 5 and the one you are forgetting was correct. Another...the double TD one...seems like most people are agreeing with it....that would make it 2 of 5...which is not good either

I think there are a few realistic options:

  • Can the man in charge
  • Make a weekly formal video on Tuesday of each week after the games that explains the calls to people watching...they can either explain why it was made or they can admit it was a poor review...the people paying for the games deserve that to restore confidence because right now it is threat to the fanbase

To me it seems that they league wants to push the reviews to be anything that was painfully obviously missed or a glaring error by the refs...not overturn bang-bang plays. Not sure I agree with that...just sayin

I don't agree with this...refs are as stubborn as anyone and don't want to overturn their crew. One command center keeps that pressure off them and should keep consistency...the problem is that the consistency is either terrible or the league needs to start conveying how they are approaching replays better to both coaches/player and the people who keep the lights turned on...the fans....right now it is hurting retaining fans, or at minimum not helping the cause.

And sorry...but replays are part of sport now and not going away. They managed to play the game without a forward pass for how long? Things evolve or become a memory.

Didn't say you did; I asked a question because I wasn't entirely sure from your comment if you were correcting my totals and OK with your lower incorrect number or not. Just looking for discussion on this depop and we seem to agree at least that the system is broken and something needs to be done to fix it.

my "incorrect" number is accurate. The standout replays (not including the ones we really do not see) there were 5 in 2 games. The Grant TD, the Nik fumble, the Jordan catch/fumble, the double TD play (which you believe was wrong but most are saying was the right call from what I have seen online) and the Rider challenge of the illegal contact...which they got correct. I stated there were 5, because there were, not 4 like you said. I agreed there were 3 "questionable" but not sure I agree with you on the 4th...though it was definitely close....the best angle and the one needed had a view of an Ottawa player squarely in the way there though. The Stamp had clear possession, got hit by the player coming into the frame and the next frame that there is a view of the ball it is coming loose but the ball was also breaking the can not overturn on that...fumble or not.

As I said I didn't get a chance to watch the games so I'm going with what was discussed and what was on the highlights package.

I only got one angle on the double TD which to me was inconclusive. I got the impression from Sportscentre that video review over turned the on field call.

As for the 4 calls I was only referring to the incorrect calls not the total number of calls made.

With what I have seen so far I'm not at all impressed with the idiocy that's going on and my not bother with the Argo game on Sunday as it was the only game I was going to make an effort to watch. I am not as big a fan as I was at the beginning of last season and the league is very quickly losing me completely. I know video review is here to stay, however, if this is how it is to be applied the I'm not here to stay.

Video review as it is currently being employed is killing the entertainment factor of the game.

2 BIG fails this year - in 2 games. Shameful.

your 0-4 is comment very confusing then
and "clearly" is not a fair statement...seeing as how one of those was correct based on the angles being enough to overturn (the 2 TD play) and one of them didn't seem to have a good angle from what I recall (Nik) for overturning...and it needs to be conclusive to overturn. Now is going 3/5 (potentially) good enough? No....but again...I think the CFL needs to step up and explain why certain calls are made. The fans deserve that at this point and it may make people see things differently...or it may hold the command center accountable...because right now they are not.

I won't argue the specifics of my statement on the calls because, as I said, what I saw was from SportsCentre highlights and it is possible there were more and better angles than were in the highlights. It is clear that it wasn't just 1 call nor were the calls close. They were blatantly wrong.

I disagree that public shaming is the way to go. The name of the video replay official is not secret and he has been publicly shamed by the TSN play by play, the halftime panel and a variety of news outlets. He needs to be fired, video review shut down and rebuilt from scratch. If they dropped it for 1 season and trialed an improved version off field they would have the opportunity to make adjustments and changes during the game and try things it would take 10 seasons to trial if was being used officially.

Just 1 season off and a little hard work could bring back a system that would be efficient (assuming they don't hire the next review official from the CNIB).

Not sure where the "shaming" came from. Sure was not me. Game officials are put on the spot every minute of the game...the command center reviewing their calls should not be? He should be the most accountable member of the reffing crew there is. Calls by officials are out there for everyone to see and talk about...we can sit here and slam the video review all day but we have no idea why they are calling how they are. When I look some of these seem like bad calls...I also don't know if they are keying in on something. There is no reason not to share that with the public...because right now the PR is killing them. They can explain and open the viewers eyes...or conversely they can spin their tires and show they made mistakes. If those human errors are more high...then can them. One of the ballsiest thing the CFL ever did was fire an official after a brutal exchange in a game....perhaps the same is needed now....but we have no idea if that is true if they are not sharing that inside look with people. If they had made a change to correct what was very publicly a concern with fans last season then maybe you can blow this off and call it week one...but they didn't. I don't care if a video review judge feels shamed along the way, and I don't care if he gets fired if he is performing substandard...this is not exactly his first kick at this. Either the man is meeting the expectations of his employer in how he is calling it or he is failing miserably and he (and really his boss) need to be held accountable.

As it stands right now, Video Review is doing more harm than good to the game. :frowning:

Funny how I was getting laughed off these forums when I complained about this last year, im just a salty ticat fan, 1 play shouldnt effect the game, etc etc.
Like I said last year, when it effects your teams, maybe youll care.
Can we do something about it now?

With Calgary, the ball had clearly broken the goal line while the player had control.

The ssk call...

Can we 100% say he didn't have enough control when the ball crossed? It's gotta be clear and definitive to overturn the ruling on the field.

We all know what it LOOKED like but I really don't think it was clear enough to overturn the call on the field.

It'd be another thing entirely if they overturned a fumble ruling and awarded a touchdown


I was at the Ottawa game last night. And all I have to say is, I hope to god that the league does something to Kim Murphy and his "officiating" crew!!!!! I love this game, but it is very frustrating when the league allows a referee to take a game out of the players hands. Either he and his crew are totally incompetent or he is intentionally trying to throw a game.

Video review was brought in to correct OBVIOUS officiating errors or misses.

If you have to break a play down frame by frame, the issue isn't that obvious. The slowest a replay should be looked a is half speed. If its still not obvious, the call on the field stands.

However it is only as good as the person doing the review. And from the last few years evidence, these people need to be replaced.

The league also needs to do a much better job of explaining the rational for the call.

All last year I said they should do what the NHL does and send out a tweet about the decision. I notice last night they seemed to do just that.

They next step would be to release a video explaing the most contriversial calls.

Communication can solve a lot of misunderstandings.