Video replay saves the day!

That could have really been messed up, if the refs had blown the call with no video replay!

And the 2-point convert is...GOOD!

Go Argos!

They got it right and that is what it is all about

That's right!

And I am PUMPED!


A fumble!!!!!!!




ORLANDO STEINAUER SAVES THE DAY! I'm all confused.....did replay save the day, or Steinauer?? :wink:

i knew that was gonna happen the second they made that change... I'm all confused.....did replay save the day, or Steinauer?? Wink

And 1 more interception by Brad Banks.

Game Over!

I believe it was the coaching staff in WPG who saved the day for the argos so far lol. NO no, let's not give it to the best back in the league and at least get the possible 3, let's have the nervous backup pass into 2x coverage....

Holy, speaking of nervous backups...banks LOL wtf!

ooh, listen to the boos ... wow, I wouldn't want to be a Blue Bomber right now!

ARGOS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

inspite of the REFS!

Just think , the ARGOS could have lost this game on another blown call!

who called the officials review because pinball couldnt? ? ?
the refs blew the call on the taunting penalty( but that did not cost the bombers the game)

No, but there were other blown calls in favour of Winnipeg.

Like that (non)facemask that gave the Bombers a first down and put them in the Argos 30.

In the last 3 minutes the officals up stairs can call a review. PINBALL , couldn't call it. :thup:

And once again this proves that the ARGOS could have lost this game because of a blown call on an ARGO touch down. :thdn:

WINNIPEG did dominatate the ARGOS in the first half. My problem was there seemed to 1 standard of fair play for WINNIPEG and another for the ARGOS. :thdn:

After the 3 minutes warning the call for video replay comes from the Ref booth/spotter

that was a good reverse call. It was a better catch though. Bruce is underated.

great catch , beautiful reversal :thup:

let's keep reply for another season.