Video replay at TO-HAM

Correct me if I’m wrong,

Were they supposed to try the video replay at the Atlantic Bowl. TO-HAM.
IF so, what was the general feeling about it ?

Als Fan

Why would they think it's useless?

The whole point of the exercise was to experiment with using it during a game, how much it interferes or doesn't or what method works best, etc. Just because the challenges were overturned has no bearing on the trial run. Once instituted, I think it will be most helpfull for for plays such as whether or not a ball hit the ground before being caught or whether or not a reciever was out of bounds on a reception or a quarterback being over the line of scrimmage before throwing, etc.

The game moves quickly and human error is to be expected sometimes. Why not make use of technology as a means of making sure the right call is made on some of these plays?


With that in place, MAYBE, just MAYBE, TO would have had their ticket to the big game 3 years ago...
(I think it's 3 years)

Als Fan

It was just experimental...but it does slow the game down.