Video Replay a MUST!!

In watching the games so far this year, and especially this weekend, they HAVE to implement video replay. Does anyone know if they are serious about this idea, will it happen next year, or is it something they just wanted to try in the pre-season and think about it for 10 years??

I think they put it off for a years but I am not sure.
I would like to see come into play but watch how many posters will complain that is slows down the game.

If they bring it in they will no longer be able to blame their losses on the refs

Hear we go again.

I'm just going to say, I agree to it cuz now they will time it with 90 seconds and knowing the CFL, they will come up with unique ways to speed up the process and make it accurate.

I don't think they should have a time limit.
It is more important to get the call right.

Nah, then it would take forever, or seem to, not good.

Then lets keep on complaining about bad calls

I guess if you challenge and get charged a time-out like in the NFL, coaches would be hesitant anyways. They won't want to burn their only time-out per half on a questionable call. So, in that respect, it wouldn't slow the game down a whole lot unless each team is going to be allowed 2 time-outs per half to compensate, or even 3 like in the NFL.

Ro, they can make the right call in 90 seconds. At some point, you just gotta say "this is the call and that is how it will be, let's play football".

I have said it once and I'll say it again, bad calls are a part of the game. With IR, the league will cut down on some of them, but it will no eliminate them from the game.

I bet that their have already been some bad calls in the NFL that people aren't pleased with, but life goes on.

I say the teams should get 1 TO and 2 challengers in a half, and when they lose a call, they lose a challenge, but if the call is right, they keep them.

So if Coach A challengers and the call stands, he only has 1 challenge left or loses all of his challengers in that half. However, if he wins and the call is overturned, he keeps the challenge and has either 2 or 1 left.

Well maybe 90 seconds is to quick but I guess I could go for 2 to 2 1/2 minutes

Ro, your crazy! I'd rather have no IR at all then.

Kanga thats is nuts
figure 2 calls pre team at 2.5 minutes max, is 10 minutes over a three hour game. How can that be too long? How could you prefee a game to be won or lose over waiting a max of 2 1/2 wait?
comercial breaks are in 5 minute blocks.

4 or 5 minutes total in a game, that’s my final offer.

Sorry but I cannot believe the logic.
You would rather see your Bombers miss the playoffs of a chance to go to the Cup because you dont think the refs should take more than 90 seconds to make the call. A call that you have already seen the replay and know how it should be called?

Opps took too long and the bomber lose the the game and the Western final.
better luck next year.

It's just all part of the game, ro, just all part of the game.

it's painful, but life isn't fair. I know that all too well. :cry:

If a play can't be decided on replay in less than 90 seconds than there is no way it is decisive , in which case it shouldn't be over turned. I think 30 seconds is long enough to look at the 4 or so replays we only have and see if it's decisive or not. I know the NFL has alot more replays to look at , but the time they take to analyze it , IMO , they're just being jacka$$es . There is no way it should take that long . Only decisive replays should be able to overturn a call and that is apparent right away. 5 minutes later , it's not decisive. If it needs to be scrutinized to death , like they do in the NFL, then no overturning it. So make it quick. Decisiveness is the key or the refs right.
I say just give the refs the option of looking at a quick replay and use it in there conference about a call and leave it at that. Alot of times you just look at the screen at a game and you know right away if the call was right or wrong.

Did I say less than 90 seconds? I mean 90 seconds or less.

Right on, IR nees to be done quickly and the CFL can make that happen.

so are you saying use a TMO?

Did you mean a timeout? No , i don't think it should involve timeouts because we only have 1 timeout per half unlike the NFL's 3 ( another thing I hate about the NFL) . Leave it up to the refs to use at their discretion if they feel they called it wrong initially or 2 refs called it different .
They can see right away on a replay screen if they erred and allow them to reverse a call if it's warranted. Just a tool for our own refs to do their job . We don't need to make it painful like the NFL , why copy their slothful way of doing something? Let's not be a bunch of Maddens about it. It's a myth that it has to take long just because the NFL does. Another words , a comprimise.

Sorry but it is not part of the game.
saying that it would take to long is just redicilous. I agree that it should not take more than a 30-60 second to deside but having a max time is.

I am really starting to belive that those who dont want it really feel that they will lose their whinnig rights and have no-one to blame if it come in.