Video Re-Cap of last nights Game

From the CFL site

some great shots here, for those that may have missed the game.

Look closely, at the 4:46 mark -- the second angle slowmo' of the Henry TD with 5 min. left in the game. It looks to me that he didn't hold onto the ball when he hit the ground. You can freeze it showing the ball, flat on the turf, in front of his forearm before he covers up and jumps to his feet.

Good catch (yours, not, very true, that should not have been ruled a TD

I'm not sure whether or not he actually had possession while in the air. On the ground, if judged that he had possession, it was a fumble recovery.. no challenge flag.. ruling on the play stands.

The play should automatically be reviewed by the command centre because it was a scoring play. That could be why no challenge flag. And if it was reviewed, they agreed with the ruling on the field. (But they have been wrong before)