Video of the Bombers talking about officiating

Bomber players try their best to stay away from fines.

Ha ha ha it has to be the drinking water! Some of the fans and now the players whine! Really they asked these guys what do you think they would say after being penalized.
Yes officer I was speeding 50 Kph over the limit. Or Well I do not believe I was speeding maybe you should check your radar because I was not speeding!

Crying is for losers! :lol:

and you cry all the time

Maybe it's time to give it up. The Seattle Seahawks didn't cry nearly this bad and how do you think they felt losing the biggest game of they're franchise history. Hey I cheer for the Blue but I didn't even lose a minute of sleep. Next time we're on the other end and we wonder why the other team is complaining. Tell you the truth in the first half I thought Montreal had reason to be mad

I cry :lol: :lol: :lol: you pathetic little no mind!

Good post maybe you can teach Yogi how to be a good fan! Naw forget it that would be like teaching a rock to talk!

it was time to give it up like sunday, oh and RW you would probly whine if the stamps had the same refs and lost the game because of it

he whines whenever the stamps take to the field, and he has reason

RW2005 - I'm confused. Aren't you a moderator? If so, aren't you supposed to show a little more maturity than this?

Maybe it's time to yank your moderator privileges?

RW is a moderator! LOL wot a joke! I expect a little "more" from a moderator!

One day, the sports leagues of the world will learn that referees are always going to be subjective, and that you need to have some setup where the freedom of a player's actions is allowed but the difference between a penalty and a non-penalty is very very clear.

I agree, Didnt even know this guy was a moderator just judging by the way he acts on this site.

Firstly a good chunk of the moderators are people that were very regular posters first and because of their good behavior and excellent attendance they got hte moderator job. Kinda like in elementary school with hall monitors.

What rules can you think of that hes broken? Stays on topic in the thread, doesnt directly insult anyone, doesnt spam the boards, doesnt troll, doesnt swear. Some taunting is fine in any pro sports forum. Its expected. Just because someone is a moderator doesnt mea nthey have to stop being regular posters

Just to clarify things, redwhite2005 is not a mod.
RedandWhite is

They also need to be a certain age.