video of talman gardner

did i miss something here? why the frig does onknight have a vid. of talman gardner constantly playing on one of his posts? the guy didn’t make the club last year, mind you it was apparently an “all-star team” that he didn’t make but did they figure they better give him another chance so they can say they have a returning player from last year with veteran experience?is he even dressing for games
or just hanging around so people might ask him if he plays for the tiger-cats? i shouldn’t be so harsh cause i don’t even know his status but if you’re a “veteran player” and you’re on the PR, you have nowhere else to go.this guy is not a deep threat,not a possession receiver,and not a game-breaker, but that’s just what i think.

   see ya         CITY LEGEND

If you were paying attention, Gardner started against the blue team...

I been Following Talman since His College Days at FL State.Then when he was rookie with the saints He wrote #15 back then
Even have his rookie Card..

I am just a big Fan..