Video of Mark Trestman Press interview

Fantastic interview with Mark Trestman. Special guy. Honnest and humble and patient.... LOL

Enjoy, its a must watch, just click on the video

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Thanks for the link. My reaction is different from yours. What a strange fellow who obviously doesn't get out much. I couldn't imagine having a conversation with him without suffering total frustration. Thank goodness he's a great coach!

I love this man. He and John Hufnagel have reinvigorated the league from an Xs and Os standpoint, but more than that, Marc Trestman is an extraordinary human being. It's incredible to see him reinvent the position of head coach of a championship team. No screaming, no yelling, no arrogance, no posture. Just humility, team commitment, respect for your opponent, attention to detail, and lots and lots and LOTS of hard work.

I can see why the team would go through a brick wall for him.

If any of you missed Trestman's locker-room speech immediately following the Grey Cup game, watch it right now. It's pretty special.

Yes what a class act, I hope Marc stays with you guys for not only next year but resigns a new multi year contract.