Video of empty Ivor Wynne from the Ticats bench area.

Don't know how I ran across this video but it could be useful to new players to see what their new home looks like.

Arrghhh!!!! I can't wait for the season to start and people keep posting vids like this :stuck_out_tongue:
Good find bro, hopefully some of the new players do see this as alot of them haven't come up to the stadium for the first time yet.

And to go with that, here's one of the nicest shots I've seen yet of the scoreboard in the evening.

This is from a website that was created by two friends in Buffalo and their mission was to visit every professional sports venue in North America.....

Here's their preamble:

For two best friends from Buffalo, New York, this has been the sports
lovers' adventure of a lifetime. We started hitting the road in 1998,
and hit the finish line in December, 2002 at Ford Field in Detroit. At
the time 121 teams playing in 102 different venues in 49 different

But the Ultimate Sports Road Trip is a journey that has no
conclusion. As new venues in the four major sports are replaced, we
head back to check them out. Minor league baseball and hockey,
college football and college basketball games are also in the plans.

Check out all the cool features on this site... profiles of all the teams,
lots of pictures and OUR rankings on the best and worst places to
attend a game. Link onto our blog and check for news and updates
and join in on the discussion. Enjoy!

Go to this link for a recent review of a Ticats game and the stadium/services.

[b][i]Today’s Ivor Wynne Stadium might look like something resembling a professional
football stadium, but such was not always the case.

The stadium was built in 1930, just a 2000 seat facility erected for the British Empire
Games. In 1950 the Hamilton Tiger Cats took up permanent residence in the stadium,
and by the late 50s new bleachers were added to the east side of the stadium to
increase capacity. Nonetheless, the venue still boasted a shabby appearance, so
much so that American TV networks refused to air games from Hamilton, and even the
traditional Argos-TiCats Labour Day Classic couldn’t get a decent airing.

So the city and the team engaged in yet another round of upgrades and renovations,
bringing seating capacity up to 30,000 seats; in the 90s new corporate boxes were
added, upgraded player facilities, upgraded sound system, all in time for the city to
host the 1996 Grey Cup. In 2004, the coup de grace was added to the stadium – the
largest outdoor video board in Canada and the fifth largest in North America. The
TigerVision board is clearly the jewel of the stadium.

Today’s Ivor Wynne Stadium is your quintessential neighborhood sporting venue.
Nestled among residential streets, a block away from the Barton Street commercial
district, and about a mile south of downtown, parking can be found wherever space
can be had – on the street, in vacant lots, on residents’ front lawns. The narrow streets
around the stadium are bustling with fans before the game, mixed in with street
vendors and musical entertainers.

The seating bowl here is mostly bench seating, save for chairbacks on the lower
sidelines. On the west side is the pressbox and suite tower, while the north end zone
below the TigerVision board are canopied corporate party tents. For an older venue,
concessions here aren’t too bad, offering such specialty items as Philly
cheesesteaks, a barbecue stand, and of course Canada’s mainstay “Pizza Pizza?.

The game we attended was the “Labour Day Classic? featuring the Ti-Cats vs their
arch rival Toronto Argonauts and the building was jam packed for the occasion. For
many Canadians, this represents the best football weekend of the year. Well, maybe
only after the Grey Cup or college football Vanier Cup. On Labour Day age old rivalries
play themselves out in packed stadiums and national television audiences.

Adding to this day was the quest by Toronto Argonauts quarterback Damon Allen to
become the most prolific passer in professional football history. He needed 165
passing yards to eclipse the record of 70,553 yards held by Warren Moon. Allen did
break the record in the second quarter, and the game was stopped so CFL
Commissioner Tom Wright could commemorate the moment. The fans for both teams
gave Allen a well deserved prolonged ovation.

Ivor Wynne Stadium has undergone many changes over the years, but the stadium
has remained true to the original vision of an outdoor stadium. In fact, it is one of the
few stadiums of its kind in North America and is a significant historical and cultural
landmark of Hamilton-Wentworth.


4, 2006

Hamilton, Ontario

Ivor Wynne Stadium[/i][/b]

Well, this is certainly unique.

A video of a skydiver coming into Ivor Wynne.

The camera is on the skydiver’s helmet!!

That is one of the most amazing videos I have ever seen. I would love to see that for other CFL cool. Thanks for posting it.

The things you can find on the internet these days. :lol:

Check this out.

Here is the main Tiger-Cat theme video from a few years back that we all remember on the TigerVision.

and here is some sort of morphed version of sections of the the creation of the video it seems.

When I saw that I thought "Boy he is coming in awfully fast" . I am wondering if that video was sped up slightly. I don't jump so I can't say for sure but I spent a good part of my military career packing parachutes and have been around and seen lots of jumpers, mostly Sky Hawks and Rescue Specialists and none of them seemed to approach that rate of decent.

How about this one....remember Earl?
Also, love those uniforms. We should go back to them.

[url=] ... re=related[/url]

on that earl video i noticed that they used to have the logo on the field i think they should get back to that, advertises the team on tv as well as gives the stadium the sense of home.

Man this gets me pumped!!! We really do have an awesome stadium. It just looks like football -- the true classic stadium. Would be perfect for shooting those historical football scenes.

Love the shot of the Tigervision....a real blend of a classic stadium and state-of-the-art toys. Really hope we get off on the right foot this year and the place is packed. So fired up for the games this year...really looking forward to seeing some wins.

Isn't it ironic that Disney picked Ivor Wynne Stadium to be the backdrop of the football movie with Tony Danza and the Philadelphia Eagles back in the early 90's when it was Philadelphia that hosted the first ever CFL regular season game and the Tiger-Cats were one of the teams in the game?

Remember when Ivor Wynne was painted all green for the movie shoots?

The movie was called:

The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon.

Danza's body double: Colts kicker Mike Vanderjagt.

Thanks for the vids guys. Totally psyched for the season to start! Drove past the stadium a few days ago and they had the lights on! All I could think of was "Damn it, why cant it be the end of June already!"