VIDEO: Interview w/ Casey Printers

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heres the audio of the press conference:

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Cool thanks



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nice i like his confidence!

argos sounds

wheres the one with taffe n the rest of the squad.

highlight of the press conference:

"I'll fight you tooth and nail. I'll fight you till hell freezes over...then I'll fight you on that ice."

ha ha ha amazing

Favorite Printer Quote to date:

Q. this is a team that's won one game this season, has this played a role in your decision?

A. (Printers) ... remember when I went to BC after a bad season, when Dickenson went down, we took off.

[paraphrased of course]

Let the games begin! Printers is going to bring ATTITUDE back to the Cats, both on the field and in the stands.

Gotta love it. Matt Dunigan flashbacks for me. Casey is one of those young guys with the "I don't lose, I just run out of tme sometimes" attitude. Edge of our seat stuff.

BWAHHAHAHAHAHA! Going to be fun to SCARE opposing D's again!

Oski Wee Wee,

Its really a shame about Matt in 96. Be looked brilliant right out of the gate but then had the concussion. Early 96 was a great time for the Cats. Remember the Dunnigan vs. Flutie shootout game that we won? I forget the final score but they each threw 4-5 TD's.

Wow, he sounds very positive and seems like a player who will KICK A$$ in the locker room when a player(s) isn't giving 100%.

he also called the Ticats the "stepson" and basically everything they did prior was not "real football" which is true, but who says that. Get your popcorn ready kids. As a wise man once said. What a hotdog. Remember Cats at Argos this saturday, come on out boys and girls.

printers brings that swagger that hamilton has missed, the offence lacks swagger, the defence has the swaggeer from jojuan and zeke, now the o has got a leader to get them ready and hyped.