Video highlights of the Calgary at BC game

There are some nice plays that are in the video of the last game.

Are there any there of THIS weeks game? should check your sarcasm.....

Ha ha ha wait until the games mean something! Remember last week you stated the same thing. Yes the Stamps had their number one unit out last night and I am glad the Lions spanked them get out of the way when the game means nothing.

Hey I'm not gloating , it's pre-season and these games are meaningless. That's just the way you came across to me last week '05 . No hard feelings on my part.

I think your team will be fine this year , but I also think alot of people are underestimating our guys . I think the Lions will be surprising many when they've written us off to the cellar of the west. It ain't like they sat on their arses all off season and just decided to carry on where they left off .You may have seen some evidence of that last night. I think they'll be roaring in 06.
Hopefully we'll see you guys under the dome for the west final this fall. Best of luck . And you should lighten up R&W.

.....lightening up, check.......

wow you can not be more wrong! If you go back in many of my posts I actually stick up for the Lions. The post was made to let Stamp fans know how the preseason game went. I do not gloat! Wins are wins and losses are excatly that. This was a good old fashion spanking. I would rather have BC spank them then the Riders , Eskies or anyone else. The good thing is this team will learn from that and move on to work much harder. No excuses they were out played in every position.

Ok how's we just get over it and get on with life ?

Ok I guess you should! :lol: