Video : Hamilton's 5 Greatest Grey Cup Games !!!

I found this little gem on You Tube . I thought that everybody might enjoy it . The only thing that I kinda disagree with is the #1 Greatest Grey Cup Game that was chosen (1999) . Personally I would've ranked the 1972 game ahead of it because of the significance of it and what it meant to the city .

Here is the video's ranking of the top 5.....1963 , 1967 , 1972 , 1986 , 1999 .


Here is the video . ENJOY 8).....IS IT JUNE YET ?? ;D

Great find!

Looks like they just ranked them in reverse chronological order.

I would have ranked them differently, not sure what sequence. Top ones to me are: 67... best defence in the history of the CFL in my opinion. 72... hometown win, last play of the game, and I was there to see it happen. 86... biggest upset we've ever had in the big game, dominating performance from start to finish.

When the Ticats win, they're all great.

bobo, thanks for posting,
Watching that,
I'm not sure if it makes me feel so much younger or older than I am. :o
What I do know, is it just made my day a whole heck of a lot better!! 8)

I still say that the 1989 GC was the best football game I have ever seen.

wow nice

Thinking about the Ticat receiving corps that year is inspiring me to do another thread.

Yup . Certainly one of the best games ever for sure . Unfortunately the wrong team won :(.......Thanks a lot Austin ::slight_smile:

Wow, what a lot of memories - and names I haven’t heard for a long time. For me the most memorable was the 1963 game. I was living in Montreal at the time & was watching the game at a neighbour’s apartment who were from BC. Needless to say I was the only happy person there. :slight_smile: What made it even more memorable was that I was pregnant & the baby was 2 weeks overdue. They were quite concerned that I might have the baby right there & then. ;D

I'd go with 67 and 86 as the greatest . The 72 game had one flaw. The top Canadian player in the game was Bob Krause, not the soccer playing Sunter . Of course being a TiCat fan, all the Grey Cup wins were fantastic ! Krause played from 1963 to 1975 and won the Grey Cup in 63, 65, 67, and 72. Those are Hall of Fame numbers and hopefully the voters will finally do the right thing !

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Now THAT would have been quite the halftime show

'72…'cuz I was there. :slight_smile:

Best argument so far.

Another CAUSE I WAS THERE, Best game I have ever witnessed minus the final score. Who could forget Tony Champion with broken ribs making a last second falling bending stretching TD catch...WOW

Slight correction: #14's surname is actually spelled: KROUSE.

It's rather sad indeed to see Winfield walking off in defeat in the background of this pic . Unfortunately as it turns out this was his one and only time that he was in the Grey Cup in his illustrious 11 yr career . Sadly he missed out on the "86" Championship by one year joining the team as a rookie for the "87" season and retiring in "97" two yrs before our last Cup win in 1999 . If there was anyone who deserved a ring in their career it was certainly the "Pearl" . As fate would have it he was so close and yet so far on both ends of his career . :frowning:

Thanks Bobo for the post.
Each grey cup won by the cats is precious, we rarely win and now it's been soooo long.
Loved 1986 when our ferious D knocked out Dunigans contact.
He was one cocky guy that came down to earth in a hurry.

......I hope we win again...soon.
I have forgotten the feeling of a championship.

It's kinda funny that they totally glossed over the two Championships won in the fifties (53 , 57 ) and also the Grey Cup won between the 63 and 67 ones in 65 . I guess that they didn't have enough good footage of the two in the fifties and that the 65 win couldn't have been all that exciting considering that the game was won solely on the fact that the Bombers conceded 3 safeties that day giving us our margin of victory by exactly 6 pts in a 22-16 win .

Speaking about how rare it is for this team to win the Grey Cup nowadays.....Sadly at one time that wasn't the case ........consider this......

It's kinda crazy when you think about the fact that this team has won only 3 Cups in a 45 yr span and counting since 72 . Yet in a span of only 10 yrs between 63 and 72 that we won the darn thing 4 times including 3 in a space of 5 years
(63 , 65 , 67 ) .:o

Alas what can we say BUT one of these days as the saying goes . It seems like the old saying "wait til next year" has been this teams battle cry for ever and a day for what seems like an eternity now since our last one way back in 1999. :cry:

Great video, I love that account I've been subscribed from day one but didn't even realize he started putting these out. Very happy CFL/CBC/TSN haven't come after him to bring it down which is what I expected when his channel first popped up. I've never understood why the CFL doesn't upload all the Grey Cup games to their Youtube account, it'd be a fantastic way to teach people on both sides of the border about the long history of our game. NFL account has started doing this in the past couple years and I love watching all the old film, you always learn new things when you watch a full broadcast because they talk about the most random storylines from that time period. Who actually owns the footage is it the network who broadcasted the game or the CFL? Or both? Not really sure how that all works.

His top five videos would be fine under fair use laws, but I imagine putting the whole game out there would be infringement. Not trying to screw the guy over at all I love what he's been doing just thinking out loud. I wonder if it's a pseudo account ran by the CFL? Happens a lot more often than you think. But would make more sense to me if they got their in-house team to edit these videos together so that's why I think it's actually some random guy with random access to all this stuff.

My other very random thought ... Why don't we put black stripes on our uprights anymore. I absolutely love the look of it in old highlights from 72 Grey Cup. Was there a rule passed somewhere in history or did we just decide to be normal at some point? How long did we do that for? It reminds me of soccer teams when they have custom mesh in the net that matches their team colours, always looks cool.

Sad part is were in 5, FIVE grey cups in the 1980s; we only won -ONE- that was a collusul upset.

I don't remember when the west was overall weaker than the east division.

The sadder truth about those 5 Cup appearances in the 80's is the fact that in reality we really had no shot at winning the 80 , 84 and 85 Cups where we were outscored by a combined 81 pts in those games by vastly superior Western opposition . Outside of our upset win in 86 the only other game where we had a shot of winning (and should've won)and actually had the better season record was the classic of 89 . If you look at the season W/L records in those Cup years in the 80's in reality the only reason we actually made 4 of those 5 Cups was due to the fact of being in a very inferior Eastern division .

Grey Cup appearances in the 80's . Season records for each team and final score .

1980- Eskimos (13-3) Ti-Cats (8-7-1) Final score..............Edmonton - 48 Hamilton - 10
1984- Bombers(11-4-1) Ti-Cats(6-9-1)Final score.............Winnipeg - 47 Hamilton - 17
1985- Lions (13-3) Ti-Cats (8 - 8 ) Final score.................B.Columbia - 37 Hamilton - 24

1986 - Eskimos (13-4-1) Ti-Cats (9-8-1) Final score.........HAMILTON - 39 Edmonton - 15

1989 - Riders (9-9) Ti-Cats (12 - 6 ) Final score...............Saskatchewan - 43 Hamilton - 40