Video: Garney Henley and Pete Martin discuss Tor-Ham rivalry

Thanks for the video!
It was great to see my hero Garney Henley chatting and reminiscing.
What a player! :thup:

Yes, great find!

Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed that! :thup:

For sure, thanks for the find pw, just watched it. I like what Garney said about McQuay, we usually did have 12 guys hitting him. Nice. :twisted:

8) I actually met Leon McQuay in his home town of Tampa, Fla. several years after his famous fumble in that Grey Cup game.
He was a very friendly, humble guy, who fell on hard times in his later years.

Unfortunately he passed away just a couple of years after I had met him  down in Fla.

Thanks for posting that video. I enjoyed seeing that. Those two did a great job talking about this rivalry and how great it is. Two cities, so close, yet so different. There is nothing like it.

And Leif Pettersen mentioned the 1988 Labour Day game at the end of that video, talking about it being a blowout, talking about Kulka getting ejected. And you can see clips of that game here, including the Kulka ejection:

Man Tipper, I hadn’t realized he passed away otherwise I wouldn’t have mentioned this now. :oops: