Video Game Mobile and Console


I am the Director of Technology for the CFL and I am working on the development of CFL Video Gaming (Mobile and Console).

In order to bring the best product to the table we are looking to enlist fan feedback into the process (concept to beta). If you are an avid sports video gamer and feel you have something to contribute to the process, please send me an email outlining the games you have played and some of your thoughts on the current offerings on the market, as well as your thoughts on what you would like to see in a CFL game(s).

Since it would be too difficult to include everyone in the early stages of the process, the most compelling will get an invite to provide feedback as the project evolves.


To ensure I do not miss your email please make the subject line "Video Game Feedback"

Is this for real? Finally that is awesome!

Yes.... This is for real. Are you a gamer? Send me an email and provide your thoughts and feedback....

Best news I have heard all day.
I'll be sending you an email.

This is legit. I've already contacted the original poster by email, he works for the CFL and they need fans for input.

There was a Rider fan actually on the news here not too long ago because he was heavily involved in making a bunch of mods to the Madden game to make it somewhat resemble the CFL. I think it was Global Regina that ran the story, if you really want to draw people in, maybe contact them and see if they can arrange something with the guy, or even run the story of you searching for gamers. If word got out more here, you'd probably get a pretty significant amount of interest.

this is very cool. glad to see they are going to take fan input.

I have Maximum-Football from Wintervalley Software and Matrix Games and have a completely custom CFL league. I love this game, but if it was on a console, I'd buy one just to play it.

Oh god!!! I'm in!! I'd pre-order the game for early access for certain!!!

Wow this is awesome!

Needs FOR A CFL game:
Season mode: Play through a cfl season with your favorite team. The team has licensed players, no microtransactions give each team all their players.
GM Mode: Create your own team or be gm for any of your favorite teams.
Online multiplayer: Play another person online in a football game
Some kind of trading system, along with a rating system for players so gamers know what the are trading for.
The rest is random stuff to add. I mean you dont nee all the nick knacks madden has, madden has way too much stuff.

I'm not much of a "Gamer" anymore, but I have kids now, and they'll be "Gamers" soon enough, and I would love for them to play a CFL version of "Madden" franchise of games. MaddenCFL2015, or perhaps DuniganCFL2015, I'd buy it.

In my humble opinion, the game would have to be as specific as possible regarding everything about the CFL that isn't football.

By which I mean, the Culture of the League:

  • There would have to be a section of each stadium where all the fans are wearing Rider Green regardless of who's playing.
  • The Stadiums would have to be accurate in detail.
  • There should be a Fantasy aspect where one could create teams in various Canadian cities i.e.: Victoria, Saskatoon, London, Quebec City, Moncton and Halifax... And maybe have a few Stadium design options for them too.
  • The CFL greats should be available players, i.e.: Flutie, Lancaster, Ealey, Theismann, Moon, to name a few...
  • Variable weather is a must.
  • The unique Touchdown celebrations are a must too, i.e.: The Horse Run in Calgary, the Winnipeg TD Cannon, etc...
  • The stadium attendance should be adjustable, from 18,000 in Skydome to 50,000 at Mosiac (with extra seats for Grey Cup) and all points in between.
  • I'm sure there's a ton of other things I'd like to see, but I can't think of them right now...

I've thought of more things I'd like to see...

  • Random shots of fans wearing Watermelons on their heads, or making beer cup snakes, etc.
  • The stadium fan loyalty should be adjustable, for example the player should be able to choose what percentage of the fans in the stadium are cheering for what team, i.e.: for a game in Calgary vs Sask, the player should be able to make the stadium at least 50% Rider fans, and then 45% Stamp fans, and 5% others, maybe throw in a few Memphis Mad dogs Jerseys amongst the crowd to spice it up.

some pretty good ideas.
From a marketing standpoint I always thought that random halftime shows for playoffs would be interesting...5 or so minutes that you can not skip, and offer up sponsorship...say you had a dozen of them...then you could sell sponsorship to given companies. I am actually shocked it has not happened already. Madden alone sells a couple million units a year, so in a population or 1/10th 200k units is not unrealistic at all. That is 200,000 viewers primarily in 'key demographics (18-34)' to tap.

Love it! Already sent an email

And the audio would need to include actual team-specific cheers, e.g. an occasional "Oskee Wee Wee" chant when the Ticats are playing. (I'm guessing that an "Argos Suck" chant is out of the question?)

and the Henry chant in Regina...maybe some bra throwing? lol

Or the "North/South Side Sucks" chant in Ottawa.

As long as they don't get Rod Black for the commentary....

Just go and talk to EA Sports and get them to release the internal CFL mod they have for Madden.

I will definitely be sending an email in about 30 seconds after writing this post hahaha
I made the entire CFL on Madden 2005 back in the day. So i have great suggestions for an actual potential CFL made game. :thup: :thup: :thup:

Gotta make sure Hank throws his hands in the air and chases down a ref after every incompleted pass.