VIDEO Doug Brown tours visitor locker room!

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Welcome to the jungle.

SHABY? I'm thinkin' you meant shabby! But I digress!

So, what does poor little Dougie expect... Club Med? If he wants the 5-Star treatment he can go play in the NFL! Yeah right!

Why would Big, Bad Winnipeg need more than 3 shower stalls anyway? Stegall's the only one who works up a sweat on that team!

Maybe Dougie can soap Milt's back for him! There's room!

And why should the visitors locker room be nice?

Good on whoever designed it.

Go back under your bridge Troll

theres more shower heads at any of hamilton 12 hockey rinks.

Actually that shower reminds me of Eastwood arenas showers. Very Shabby.

This is kinda sad. I wonder what the Ticats are like.

Go back under your bridge Troll
I'll go back under my bridge....for now ,but i'll be back after the bombers win tonight to troll once again!!!!!

Hahaha...Hamilton doesnt welcome other football teams. I was surprised the locker room looked so clean. I think we went out of our way.

I get a chuckle from the people who say that Mitchell is just trying to take the focus off the game with the media chatter that's been going on because they fail to realize that Brown is doing the same thing.

Pssst...WPG that evil laugh needs work. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Ti-Cat organization is and always has been a little more oldschool than other teams. Making them uncomfortable is all part of the pre-game mentality of the oldschool. Its part of the game.

I Have Been In that locker room it Not that Bad It Spand Almost Half the endzone grandStand It has HotWater So. Doug Brownn Can Suck It Up

sing it with me now

Doug Brown.....A$$ Clown (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap)

Doug Brown.....A$$ get the picture.

He Doug, if you're hungry after the game be careful where you go for your steak, because after your comments about Hamilton you'll be lucky if anybody will even serve you cat food.

My question would be..why is it that I only ever hear this "man" complaining about it?

LMAO!! Thanks for that. I needed a laugh today.

Wa Wa Wa.

All these years, all these other teams have been using it.

Why is Doug Brown such a complainer? Aren't there some important issues out there that deserve attention?

Talk about pettiness.

What would be wrong about having adequate facilities like every other team?
It's an embarrassment to our city.

"adequate" is a very subjective term.

How about not always having the "worst" of everything.....

How about not always having the "worst" of everything.....
Then pay up your tax dollars.

It's all about professionalism and class. Acting in this petty, juvenile manner makes it appear that this organization doesn't have any. It also reflects badly on the league as a whole when one of its teams has such deficient facilities. For a city that seems to be fighting to improve its image, small things can go along way.

An Argo-Cat fan