Video challenge

When referees are viewing a video challenge are they viewing in real time or slow motion?

I believe they get a mix of different angles, speeds, and views.

either way, the argos are playin like crap with mcmahon at cut him right now and put in damon.

I think he got the big head in Philly. In the NFL Mike was respected as a guy who won't lose the game for you, but he wouldn't do much to help you win it either.

calgary even have 20,000 people in attendance?

It sure looks sparse there, doesn't it.

good fan support in cow-town :roll:

the flames were playing, oh wait...

The announced attendence was over 28,000.

not a chance there was close to 28K

Well DG the stadium holds 38,000 usually the cameras show the sunny side of the stadium on hot days you find that many (walk up) fans get seats on the shaded side.