Video Board Question/Grumble (an off-season type question early)

Okay. I’m in my 60’s so maybe it’s just that I’m old and don’t get it… so enlighten me… please! Last game - in the third quarter alone - the video board went to shots of fans in the stands or in the concourse over 25 times in only 15 minutes of playing time.

People drinking beer. People jumping up and down. People mugging for the camera. People pointing at pieces of Ticat fan gear they were wearing. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Why? If I look around me I can see fans acting normally and not like idiots. (Okay- maybe that’s wrong. Normal fans ARE idiots or why would we have put up with this lousy season? But I digress.)

There was only one brief stat compilation shown in the 2nd half. I guess that they’ve stopped the Ticat TV so that wasn’t on. Just shots of people jumping around.

Why? Why?

Cheap filler on the board? Heck- give me some close-ups of players on the field or the sidelines at least. Blank for a while might even work. (Gasp… heresy anyone?)

If you attend the games, do YOU enjoy these constant shots? If so, why.

And yes - I know that I don’t have to watch them - but the Board is always in peripheral vision and so whenever the kind of motion on it changes one is naturally drawn to glance at it fully… so it CAN’T be simply ignored.


I think I’ll ask people on the main board if this is typical in other stadia* as well.

*Had to throw that Latin reference in there. :slight_smile:

** And of course, I’m posting this on one of the CFLForumsFora. :wink:

It's irritating to a fan of the game, but entertainment for the kids to be on the screen ,they win when on the screen even when the team doesn't sometimes so Ti-Cat nation wins the entertainment game .
I hate it as well ......that's entertainment for kids and the future of the game ......

I am also in my 60’s and I too find it annoying. Ticat TV could be good if only the sound system was good enough that you could actually make out what was being saiD. The echo was unreal and made listening unbearable.
If they want to do the “kiss cam? or “dance cam? ONCE...then ok. But like you I don’t really want to watch goof balls in the end zone or the concourse doing their impression of Kiss?. You want future generations to come the kids having fun not the millennials.

I have been whining about this very thing on the Tiger-Cat office game day feedback for over a year! You can see the influence I have had on the programming choices. I was told a new company is handling the screen playback and features this year. I, for one, find it much worse and immensely more irritating. Must be an age thing?

It’s all about money. You can add the horrible food to that list as well.

I am also in my 60s and I get annoyed by the never ending scenes of people acting like idiots in the crowd. I understand the need to show people having fun, and create a fun-filled atmosphere, but sometimes I think it goes too far.

Fortunately our seats are behind the cameras, so we don't have to fear the dreaded kiss-cam.

I would like to see more emphasis on the game, more replays, especially when the refs are waiting for a decision from the command centre. And at half time (since half time shows seem to be a thing of the past) it would be nice to have some game analysis, maybe show some of the plays from the first half, with a commentary.

Yes, its mostly for kids and the partying fans, but we also have a thread on this forum complaining about how the fans aren't in their seats enough, and clogging up other sections...

Doesn't this keep fans in their seats? engage them in the gameday experience a bit more? pump up the atmosphere a bit more?

Do we really need another TV style stat pack that doesn't really tell us anything? that's what gameday programs and smartphones are for. (good lord i can't believe i'm saying that...)

i mean, we're supposed to be having fun at the game right? really want the extra commentary? pop in some headphones and TSN 1150

These stupid stunts do not keep people in their seats. It’s obvious since we have at 25% standing in common areas. Cute the first time...obnoxious now.

A winning team might help with bringing in future fans. When the game in front of them is not entertaining fans create their own entertainment.

if the little fcer$ can't appreciate good defensive football why are they even there? don't they know you're only allowed to have one kind of fun at a time?

At the last game I was at my daughter, age 8, asked why we were never on the screen? She thinks everyone gets a turn.

If she ever makes it on the screen she will be a fan for life!

Personally more replays and close ups of players would be great.