Video Blogs - Mann and McIntyre

Good to see the video blogs back up and while they are no Dyakowski, there were a few chucklesome moments in the Day 1 Blogs.

My favourite moments

Mann - "but why does Fish look 15 though?"

McIntyre - "a little babypower for the kids downstairs" OMG I died laughing.

Don't know if anyone saw Yannick Carter's arrival to training camp, but that was hilarious. "Even though there is nobody here to hold me I can hold myself" lol he probably won't live that one down for a good while.

I liked both but found Mann's a bit hard to watch. Horrible camera Mann. :slight_smile:

I was wondering if/when someone here would comment on quote from Carter. :slight_smile:

I read on the Ticats Confidential blog that Reggie Fish impressed the veterans with his singing ability. When I read that, I wanted to see the video of that. Fortunately, I got to hear that in McIntyre's latest blog:

That was actually Albert Smith and he was awesome! I can't believe how good he was.

McIntyre is quite the clown. "Hey Stala, are on vacation?" lol

I got a few good laughs from McIntyre’s latest entry here:

I have to admit that I found the part where he talked about how he determines whether or not he is dehydrated was amusing.

Other humourous comments were made by some of the players here in this video:

Just wanted to say once more that I really appreciate all of the time these guys put into the videos. They were all great. McIntyre especially caught some great moments. Ebony and Ivory.... classic. Anyone who didn't watch them is really missing out.

I just watched the "training camp - last day" video and Mariuz was hilarious. It was great to hear Bruce say how nice it is to be able to interact with the fans...

Great work.

The camp blogs are always fun but they need keep it going during the season IMO