Video About IWS on

Those of you who were at the game may have missed what was said about Ivor Wynne Stadium during the pre-game show.

Here is a link to that video:

I liked seeing many of those old clips.

And if you want to see that game again, here is the link to that:

Or if you just want to see highlights of it, here is the link to that: ... clip344660

Great video (the one that Brunt did). On par with his Olympic video.

Everyone should check it out.

Being 26 I don't have alot of memories so it would be nice to watch that 72' cup final sometime...

Excellent link BobYoungFan. Says it all about what the Cats and the stadium mean to us. I'm more than twice your age and remember all of what was in that video. Thanks for taking the time to post it.

It may be Dump but it our Dump.

Wow. That is one great video about IWS. I would have missed it hiding in all the other videos at TSN.CA if it were not for your post on this forum BYF - THANKS!

If there is one video I wouldn't want to miss it is that one on Ivor Wynne Stadium

Click Here to watch the IWS video on TSN.CA

Although not as good as the IWS video, I also watched the Labour Day Game Ball video and 3 out of 4 game balls are awarded to a team that is not yet in first place in their division. Click Here to watch Week Ten Game Balls video on TSN.CA

Finally there is a discussion as to whether the Als should worry about the Argos or the Ticats. Click Here to watch that video on TSN.CA. Jock doesn't think the Als need to worry?

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