Victory by the Rouge!

I love it! I honestly can’t remember a single game being decided by a rouge!

EDM @ HAM, early 90s, Roger Hennig takes missed FG, seemingly clear route but oddly pauses, then tackled .iirc.

Actual 20 yard endzone and not some nonsense 17 yard endzone and we go to overtime.

I remember that game. Thought it was Sask, but I’m sure mightypope has the box score somewhere.

Thanksgiving weekend 1994. EDM. We lose 34-33.

I agree!

Still loved watching them suffer a crushing defeat! :slight_smile:

Good point.
The 17 yard endzone issue always reminds me of the time when Argos had the chance to be the primary tenants, when stadium was to be constructed.
The owners at the time Cynamon & Sololowski got bribed by Rogers to stay in the dome.
How short sighted of these guys.

Once stadium was built, tfc and their fans resisted argos moving into the stadium.

And now Argos have a make-do field…rest of stadium is good.

C’mon 'Dork, at least get the score right. It was 33-32 and the 'Cats blew at 17-point lead in the final 10 minutes of the game. Team brings in Timm Rosenbach to be the saviour at QB to start the season and by the end of the year we were on the edge of extinction and in real danger of folding. Good times indeed.

Pfft. Whaddya you know.

17 is almost twice as deep as the smallest endzone the CFL ever allowed, back in '95. The Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium, home of the Memphis Mad Dogs, had a combination of grass sections and turf sections that totalled 9 yards of endzone depth down the middle and about 7 yards at the dead ball corners. I believe, a couple of other American based teams had 15 yd. deep endzones.

Ya but that was all just…stupid.

How did they account for the distance from the goal line to the up rites for field goals ? That would be
interesting to watch a game in that stadium.

I like seeing the Argos lose a game in such a ridiculous manner. I feel like this is the natural order of the universe. However, for the past 25 years or so the natural order has somehow been upended and the buggers keep winning Grey Cups. Meanwhile, we occupy their cursed place, waiting to find new ways to see our seasons get derailed.

Proclaim THIS from the rooftops.

@ the 1:13 mark, here, you’ll see a FG kicked in a CFL game in the Liberty Bowl:

I seem to recall a non-Labour Day TOR@HAM game from 2002 or 2003 in OT won by a Noel Prefontaine punt single after Hamilton had scored 0 on their possession.

The kicker was injured and the Cats were kicking by committee or something.

It was this one I think but this shows as having been at Toronto. I remember the deciding score having taken place over the dead ball line of the west end zone at Ivor Wynne Stadium

[td]Oct 14[/td]
[td]at Toronto Argonauts[/td]

Yes, you are correct. The Thanksgiving Day game (Oct.14/02.) is the one to which you are referring. Ozzie gets injured on the opening kick-off and is done for the season (Dana Segin replaces him for the last two games). Receivers Andrew English and Andrew Grigg take over the kicking duties for the rest of the game. In overtime, Grigg misses a 33-yard field goal and, as you remember, Prefontaine punts a 40-yard single into the endzone for the winning point giving the Argos a 29-28 victory.

Wow, a way back playback!

Here is that play, we had 3 guys in the endzone