Vick to plead guilty

This really Pisses me off
He get Slap on Wrist From the US Goverment.
1 year to 2 Max He should get 5 years.
He Funded this Dog Fighting Ring.
As Dog Owner I find this Sick...
These Animals can't Protect them Selfs.

I hope Dog Killer never plays Football Again..'

You? Crazy? Why would anybody think that?

Never mind that the state of Virginia can then charge him with their own animal-cruelty laws. He could get 5 years for EVERY dog he killed.

It Still would be not be Enough IMO .
I'd like See Vick get the Electric Chair...
Let him Fry like dogs he killed..
animal-cruelty laws in North America are Joke.

Virginia has Death Penalty for Humans
we all have a soul
We are Told
We are sentient beings
Dogs are sentient beings too
Prove me Wrong

I know!! That's what I said. :wink:

What pisses me off the most is that there are still people who support him and think that he is the victim of a racist justice system. What a crock. I'm not saying that people don't get railroaded, but there is ZERO doubt that he is guilty and yet people choose to turn a blind eye and defend him. Everyone's a victim, except of course the actual victim.

If the mud slinging at Vick's moral character and his troubles is done, can we get back to the important family issue; our own inept starting QB should be demoted or better yet, replaced on the roster ASAP?

That is a hot One Vick having moral character :lol:

Arguing about the justice system is like arguing about Ticat trades. Both make very little sense.

I Love this LOL
Vick Jerseys Being Used To Clean Kennels

It's people like you who are driving people away from this site.
Kindly get off your anti-Maas high horse (rocking horse) and try to actually contribute something to these discussions.

Better yet - go home.

Yeah, I will be honest with you, I am finding it more and more difficult to stand these forums every time I log in to the site. I love the Ticats with all my heart and love discuss their merits with fans, but these one line posts don't help anyone or anything.

I am going to email Bob and ask him to change it from "Tiger-Cats Chat" to "The Jason Maas Hate-a-thon" or even better the "I know more than the experienced professional football staff and here is my one sentence insult to prove why!" forum.

  • paul

You can add me to that list. I've met some really great people through this site, but it's getting increasingly more difficult to enjoy reading the posts here when it's the same thing over and over.

Its the same thing over and over again because for a season and a half our main problem has been the same,over and over again.until it is rectified you'll keep reading about it.over and over again.

looks like vick is getting a reported deal of 10-12 months. depending on what the nfl does he may have a chance to play again. i say let him. if he pays his time let him play. people are getting a little too carried away here. to lock him up for 5 years for killing a dog is ridiculous. yeah hes an idiot and a jerk for what he did....but the nfl/cfl and all of professional sports has let worse crimes go with not as harsh a punishement you guys are calling for. im not a fan of vick by any means but the calling for his head crowd need to get a life.

Grow up, son. If you choose not be in agreement with my opinion, so be it. Ignore the posting instead of replying with childish drivel. IOW, people like you should quit whining about opinions posted that you disagree with!

The fact is that this team will never fully bloom with Maas as starter, no matter how much PEOPLE LIKE YOU dream.

Sorry, but he didn’t “kill a dog” he tortured and murdered 8 dogs and raised dogs to fight and kill each other. Just because other people have gotten away with worse, doesn’t mean that pathetic trend should continue. Maybe it’s the people defending him because he’s a talented athlete that need to get a life.

Where in this thread is there any mention of Maas before you oopened your cake-hole? It seems like EVERY FRICKIN' THREAD has been hijacked by trolls like you. Somebody needs to grow up and get a life. Last I saw, this wwas a thread about Michael Vick pleading guilty to animal cruelty, NOT a Maas hate-on.

If it gets you off whining and complaining about Maas' supposed shortfalls, by all means start up another thread (one that people with half a brain can ignore). Better yet - start your own site - then I won't have to see your moronic messages on here any more.

Note to the Moderators - I did not call "laughinghard" a moron, just the fact that his posts are, for the most part, moronic. My opinion, and my right to express it.

A quick review of your postings in this thread indicate to me at least one difference between us.

You choose to villify Vick disrespectfully while I choose to voice my disatisfaction with Mass' performance, along with the many others who recognize a poor situation. How does this make you the better person.

Disregarding blind faith, will you explain why the minority of Tiger cat fans view Maas' as the candidate who will lead the Cats to a Grey Cup?

look im not defending him...but the punishment being called for by some doesnt fit the crime. he will be punished as he should but end his career and do hard time 5 plus years is insane. i dont know how this is defending him. i agree hes an idiot and cruel and should be punished. dont worry bg i expected that type of answer from you.

Congratulations laughinghard - you singlehandedly managed to make this thread "jump the shark".

Happy now?