Vick to CFL

Watching the NFL preseason game last night on ESPN(Miami vs KC). They were discussing Vicks options and how complex the situation was and how a lifetime ban would probably be imposed by the NFL if he pleads guilty. Then listening to a couple other radio show's people have speculated he will come to Canada.
What do you all think. I think he has enough money already and doesn't ever to need to throw another ball.

We have been having this exact conversation in the Ticats chat.

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Does anyone know if a CFL team has him on their neg list and if so, which team it is?

WEll he is gonna be doing time and he is still signed as a Falcon-- so no talks could or negs could be happening because of current contract.
I am just opening this up to discussion....

Honestly, I think we need to stop discussing this. If he pleads guilty he's done.

Actually the topic came up a few pages ago....If the NFL suspends him, he wont be able to come to the CFL. As it stands right now, he is under contract to Atlanta

sportsmen if the nfl suspends him it will be a lifetime ban and he can go where he wants. All contracts will be null and void except didn't the CFL institute a rule that suspended players in other leagues can not come to the CFL?
I wonder how much of his signing bonus; and his endorsements he has to pay back.

I am 95% sure that I read that the CFL will honour ALL NFL suspensions, so that would eliminate him

yeah i believe you are right.. I duont think he would be welcome anyhow-- unless it was for the team you cheer for. But could you imagine that team wouldn't need a running back.

(as Sporty shuffles and settles into his arm chair )

I actually do beleive that he would be the type of QB that fits the CFL style. However, I doubt that we will ever find out.

Heres an arm chair QB play.......Vick fakes a hand off to Charles Roberts and runs a naked bootleg against the flow! :wink:

I would boycott the CFL if they allowed him here. Enough is enough. We are not the farm team for fellons here.

I understand the feeling, but I have problems with blanket bans. What if a player was convicted of travelling to Cuba and bringing back some cigars? He would be a felon in the eyes of the US and would likely get suspended by the NFL. Should the CFL automatically ban him as well for something that would not be a crime here?

yes, because he has proven that he does not respect the laws of whatever country he is in. It goes to the person character.

Not to mention... has any player actually gone to Cuba to get cigars, get suspended from the NFL, and then come here?

The two most recent examples that I can think of are Ricky Williams and Michael Vick. Ricky Williams was suspended for breaking the drug rules, and because of that I don't think he should be allowed back. Michael Vick is accused of killing animals, an actual crime. He shouldn't be allowed here at all.

Maybe we do a half-time show where Vick is at midfield and we let a bunch of vicious pitbulls go after him...

He has not as yet been suspended, and a lifetime ban is unlikely. The CFL has announced it will honour suspensions, but a total ban presents a different set of circumstances.
But once he does his time (if convicted) if the NFL doesn't want him, I would have no problem with him coming to the CFL.
Some are saying we don't need felons. I think the point is, people make mistakes, they pay for those mistakes and there is no reason not to give people second chances.
So felons, no...ex-felons, fine...

Let the NFL give him a second chance!

I suspect they will…

I believe in second chances too.

He transmitted Herpes to a woman, after he didn't tell her he carried the disease, then he visited medical clinics under the name of "Ron Mexico" tpo get treatments.

This past January, in Miami, Mike Vick had that water bottle incident, which had Marijuana in it.

Now, dog fighting and killing dogs. That is as low as it get's. Yes it is bias, because I am a dog lover. I don't know how you can torture such a beautiful creature. But nonetheless, this is a horrible thing, and I couldn't care less whether Mike Vick spends the rest of his life rotting in a jail cell.

He is a disgrace to the N.F.L, and he obviously isn't that great of a human being. Didn't he give kids the middle finger in New Orleans as well?

Guys...Im sure he has enough money to just retire...besides...why are you so insecure? Our league is good enough for some of us without NFL castoffs and losers. Im not talking about the guys who come back after a tryout or first timers that are here because they love football.