Vick poll?

When Micheal Vick pleads guilty and is sentenced, he will be suspended indefiently from the NFL..I know this is a silly question but humor me everyone..Would you allow him to play in the CFL..More importantly for our ti-cats? Once again i know this is an off the wall question but its monday and im bored!


The CFL has Rule In Place
He going to be told by the NFL
He Can't Play Indefinitely
CFL Will Honor the Band Thank god

the only league he'll play in is the AFL

the only football he should be playing is against the prison guards like the "longest yard"..

the cfl should remove the "ricky williams rule", canada should always open up its arms for guys that want a second chance, look at how many immigrants are in this country that were thugs in past lives.

Googles "Potato Famine Escapee Thug" on Google...

Oh. :wink:

Oski Wee Revisionism,

I prefer the 'Ricky Ricardo Rule'-
never play "Baba Loo' where Lucy can hear it.

You're thinking of Australia lol.

I agree they should remove the Ricky Williams rule but put a NO Michael Vick rule in.

rule should stay.

vick can go play "fetch" elsewhere.


Never in a million years. I would give up my season tickets and organize protests outside of IWS for every single game he played here.

I, FOR ONE, will be ANXIOUSLY awaiting Mike Vick's COMEBACK STORY to unfold ...

Contingent upon him paying his debt, and reconciling all those PERSONAL DEMONS which put him in this position in the FIRST place - I can't wait to see which GM will have the COURAGE, and CLASS to offer Vick a SECOND CHANCE at LIFE.

Michael Vick is an ALL WORLD talent who made some questionable decisions ... I WISH nothing but the BEST for him, and his family in the coming years of HUMAN TRANSFORMATION and GROWTH.



The RW rule was axed. The CFL will honour ALL NFL suspensions (and vice-versa). BTW - he wouldn't be allowed the border...

If he’s done his time for the crime then why couldn’t he play in the CFL.
There are people playing who have committed far worse crimes.

This was already discussed, mikem.

Its about the lying to his owner and the NFL Commissioner as much as it is about the crimes that is causing Vick his problems in the NFL.
Why would any team in the NFL or CFL or anyone else want to hire someone with these severe flaws?
It could be 3 or 4 years before Vick gets past his jail term and suspension...maybe longer if more charges involving gambling are laid.
Wish him the best in whatever he ends up doing...outside football.

I'd paint the signs.

I'm so sick and tired of the "give the guy a second chance" crap. He is an educated, successful man who should know better. I don't want him here.

Ah NO !!! There is a difference, that is the point, we don't want thugs and nardowells.
Vick has no remorse, except for what his agent and lawyer tell him. This man is below a human.
And I not only hope he gets a long prison sentence, but they hit him in the bank account too. This is disgusting.
I can't even write anymore this is so horrible.

Meanstreak How can Defend some who So Reprehesible
I just can't see it
The man Lied about it to everyone
He Killed Defenceless Animals
He should pay with Life IMO.