Vick Orded to pay Royal Bank Millon's

RICHMOND, Va. – A federal judge ordered imprisoned quarterback Michael Vick to repay more than $2.4 million to a Canadian bank for defaulting on a loan.

The Royal Bank of Canada sued Vick in September, arguing his guilty plea to a federal dogfighting charge – and the resulting impact on his career – prevented him from repaying the loan.
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Now I know why my bank charges are so dog gone awful!

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And I was almost beleiving the banks when they said times were ruff.

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yeah the $2.4 mill. RBC arent the only bank who sued him either

What was that RBC loan for? I wonder . . .

I can only hope that my RBC fees help the bank recoup some of their losses. Now if I have to hear about oil companies losing money I will never be able to sleep!