Vick gets 2 years

Two years in the thug jug...


He'll be out in probably a year, maybe less.

In this case, and in other animals rights cases, I find it weird how people get more upset over an animal then they do over human beings. In certain parts of the world, children are chained to machinery and forced to work long hours. They make less money in a month then some of us do in a day. We tend to ignore these issues, but as soon as something like dog fighting comes up everyone is there to jump on the accused. My thoughts anyway on this whole situation.

I agree with you for sure.

I think they all need our attention. Maybe it's closer to home and that's why?

I don't think it's that we get "more upset" when it's animals. I think it's more a matter of this incident involving a huge superstar, which brought it to the forefront.

I was listening to a local radio station here in Regina today, and people came on saying that anybody who is cruel to animals deserves to be brutalized as well. For crying out load, people want to do worse things to Vick then they do to a Robert Pickton who brutally murdered many prostitutes. Sure they were prostitues, but they were human beings as well. I'm just saying there is more of a public outcry when it comes to an animal then a human being.

Good point.

Could be coming to a CFL stadium near you when he gets out:

[b]One possibility for Vick, if he really wants to play again, might be the Canadian Football League. Go up there for a year, sharpen his skills and prove to NFL teams that he can still play.

"That would be a great option for him," the AFC GM said. "Even if it's just for a while. To show that you still have it, if nothing else. Play a year or so there and then come back. Would he be willing to do it? I don't know."[/b]

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Well, this is just me, but I think it might have something to do with animals not being able to really defend themselves. They're animals. And they don't really have an understanding of what's going on. They're sort of innocent in that way. If Vick throws a dog under water and holds it there, it doesn't know why it's happening.

You could make the same argument with the girls Pickton killed, but at least they had a vague idea: This guy is clearly screwed in the head!

They were training these dogs to fight and pretty much kill each other... Pretty despicable.

Yes, I agree it is very despicable and deserves jail time as analyzed on it's own without being compared with this or that situation in humans. Quite agains't the law.
And just because someone is an animal rights activist, this doesn't mean they shouldn't do this and instead just be a human rights activist. There is so much time for things in people's lives and they have the right to be an activist in what they want. The thing is, I think most people in the world are already human rights activists without knowing it, you, me and the guy next door, we all agree killing people is wrong and training them to kill people is wrong. But the animals out there have no voice and thank god there are people actively spending their time and money for these creatures who, as said, don't have voices or God's commandments in a book for them. I guess ole God up there in the sky forgot the animals when he was creating the Bible or whatever. Probably wanted to take a vacation to relax instead of thinking about the animals. Nice guy, real nice. :x

Look, I'm being a bit facetious but still, just because it's not in the Bible doesn't mean that life shouldn't be respected on terms approximating human life. I eat meat, yes, but eating meat that was killed in a manner respecting law I have no problem with. I would eat human meat if I had to also like when you get deserted in a remote forest and your dead buddy is all that's left.

Chief…you’re absolutely right. And I’ve presented that as one of my arguments before on a thread where some were almost defending Vick as doing little wrong??

Animals don’t get a say, period. They are vulnerable and don’t have an “exit” when they’re subjected to cruelty and abuse. They’re stuck there to endure it and they’re at our mercy. The same with kids. I don’t mean to undermine the tragedy of the Pickton victims in saying this…it’s awful - what happened to them too. But, as adults, there were “choices” made and dogs/kids just don’t have those same options along the way.

Again, don’t read into this that I think the women “asked for” or “deserved” what they got. Far from it. Those women were also extremely vulnerable and life hadn’t been kind to many of them. I don’t even really like to compare the two situations because there is tragedy all the way around and to take away from one to prove the other just seems wrong…but the point is that adults often can negotiate a way out of a situation somehow, whereas animals and kids can not.

I know what you're saying debra, what is sad in the Pickton's victims cases is that there was some potential help that could have been had from social service agencies or even families, to a point of course. What is sad is that there is money to put people into space for research purposes but not enough money to hire more social workers. Pickton's victims are not totally vulnerable like kids and animals and in the end, usually it is stated that while people can be understood to have very bad upbringings and that, in the end people are responsible for their own actions and have to be accountable in most cases.

Vick took a one day seminar in animal ethics and could do a service type announcement:

“An animal rights organization is in talks with Michael Vick to appear in a public service announcement for them, now that the former Atlanta Falcon’s quarterback has completed a class offered by the group, sources told FOX News Wednesday.”


I heard yesterday that the LEAST amount of time he can spend in jail is 20 months...

(3 months off for good behavior)

And dont forget about the fact that Mike Vick has to still stand trial on state charges of Dogfighting in Virginia. He can get a lot more time there are well.

You know, I'm glad to hear that, but I'm just wondering... is it honestly going to be sincere?

I totally agree, somebody should stand up for animals. I'm not going to spend my time on animals until there is justice in the world for humans. That's where I stand right now, but again somebody has to bring justice to for the animals.

Chief, I hope it is sincere from his heart if he does it. He now has the opportunity to do some good from all the bad he's done and it would be great if he could do this and show an example. I understand he had a tougher upbringing than me I'm sure but still doesn't allow him to break the law and get away with it. I really hope for the sake of a lot of people and animals he says something meaningful.

My wife and myself, we have no kids and now with me 52 we won't have any, but 6 cats. We just adopted another on the wknd from an animal rescue place and to see these animals in a cage knowing that if they don't get adopted they will be put down is a shame. yes, they get put down in a very huumane way with a vet and anesthetic but still deserve a good home if possible. A young cat gave birth to 4 kittens in the cage and one of the animal rescue people couldn't let them stay in the small cage so she brought them to her house at least until the nursing is over. I love animals. Yes, I want to see justice for humans all over the globe and do give a bit of money to World Vision Canada that does excellent work. Ah, ok, enough here.

Letters to the judge here: