Vick and the CFL - just on TSN

A reporter from ESPN(?)- just on the nightly report on TSN re: Vick, insinuated that he could play in Canada: "he won't be playin' football, out side the CFL". To me that is a real shot by this clown. (Harsh words for a reporter that I didn't catch the name of),but that is a lousy implication, and shows complete disrespect,for the CFL. What a P***k!

The CFL did this to themselves by letting in all the suspended players from the NFL. Of course they are going to lauph at the CFL. I love the CFL but they screwed that one up with Ricky. They thought it would bring exposure to the league south of the border but who cares what they think down there. If anything it made this great league a lauphing stock.

Who cares, honestly..You like the CFL, I like the CFL.. despite the mistake to allow NFL criminals and junkies to play in our league the CFL is still standing strong in the Great White North.

To expose the CFL game to the USA was just wishful thinking I think. I know some Americans who enjoy our game but they are from Buffalo and have access to the CFL experience.

I heard the comment, it didn't sound sarcastic or anything..but who really cares what some jerkwad in the US has to say about the CFL - joke or not ?

You consider a guy who smokes pot as a junkie? I think you're living in the wrong country. George Bush would welcome you with open arms.

Vick Grand Jury Indictment documents:

Yeh! That guy must have lost his head I guess. This being the great socialist country it is. God forbid anyone else having a point of view that isnt left wing…

There is no comparison between Ricky Williams, and Vick, although some may make one. If Vick is guilty, his crime is a dispicable moral disgrace. Ricky Williams smoked a joint. You figure it out.

Having an opinion is one thing… calling someone a junkie for weed is exaggerated mellow drama.

re-To expose the CFL game to the USA was just wishful thinking I think. I know some Americans who enjoy our game but they are from Buffalo and have access to the CFL experience.
---------- The ricky williams experiment Hopefull exposed thehigh(no pun intended )calabre of play in CFl, it exposed the nfl,s big bad running back as mediocer up here , maybe some fence sitters in T.O will take notice .-- . So VICK - would be useless, because he would go threw the learning curve in 12 man football, And even then he would be no better than Shawn King

The statement was true though.

vick couldn't play in hamilton or toronto anyways because of the pitbull ban in ontario.

So far none of you have pointed out

As of last year the CFL has changed their rules
regarding suspended players from other leagues.

The CFL now honour all NFL suspensions.

Maybe it is not only U.S. sports reporters
who need to be educated about the matter?

Beat me to it ron. The only idiot is the sports reporter that doesn't check his facts. Vick is inelligibale to play in the CFL until he's cleared to play in the NFL.

If smoking cannabis is a sign of a junkie, what about nicotine? Caffeine?? Alcohol?? Menthol??

Cannabis is better than the first three drugs in that list, and on par with the fourth. This is MY opinion, and because I live in Canada, I'm entitled to it... any further questions, refer to Borehamgirl's tagline.

Pot is still illegal dude.

So is failing to signal a turn.

But its not your right to forget about signalling your turn, in fact do it often enough and you'll lose your driving privaleges

I think you’ve been owned in this argument, fella.
To compare something like dogfighting with smoking pot is completely ridiculous.

Ricky Williams is no more a criminal than probably 65% of the Canadian population.

On his own time, a player could smoke all the weed he wants, in my opinion. Once/ if it starts affecting his performance, he’d be cut. This is hardly a performance enhancer here. Personally, like tobacco smoking, I think you’d have a hard time keeping yourself in peak physical condition if you were a heavy user anyway.

Actually I was responding to a wild rights claim. I pretty much agree with your entire response except my being owned

Who cares what ESPN thinks, I don't.This is our league and I am tired at the people that always look south for answers. I like americans,they are good people ,but if they do not like our game ,who cares.