Vick and Brett and NFL a big farce!

What a joke of a league when an animal killer and B. FARCE can play in the NFL ( NOGOOD FOOTBALL LEAGUE). See how good they would be in the CFL! What a joke that would be! Its pretty bad when a first rounder out of US college can start for a NFL team, well then again its easy to play on an outside area footfall size field with a feather to throw on a wee field with four downs when the QBs dont get touched.
Super Highlite REEL!
Oh, what a great feather 6 yd. pass by B. Farce into the hard to noticed 10 yd end zone that is bearing 50 yds wide, more like 45.

                                             NOGOOD FOOTBALL LEAGUE, SUPER OVERRATED AND SUPER OVER-HYPED FARCE League
                                                                                   STARRING B. FARCE
                                                            OH YES, DON`T MISS THE     (SUPER BORE)

Isnt all the CFL quaterbacks guy who were cut from nfl teams?Man I dont care how wide the field is I cant see a cfl team beating a nfl team....Just watch the game you like and to be honest most nfl fans could careless

people think that because the players are better, that the game is actually better..

when that's such a crock of, you know what!

Humans Before Animals

Kudos must be given to Eagles' fans, giving Vick a standing O when he took the field, it showed a huge amount of class. :thup:

I think anybody on here who knows me would agree that I like both leagues a lot. However, if played at CFL rules, which I think would have to happen to make up for the "player skill difference" the NFL would have a lot of trouble.

Kind of crazy how nobody has really gone apesh*t on Donte Stallworth for ending a man's life or 10 years ago or so when Leonard Little killed a woman like they have on Vick. Not to mention the fact that Vick paid a heftier sentence and lost much much more.

It reminds me of that class act, Dany Heatley.

As an NFL lifer, I'm going to point out that the OP is lacking a lot of....everything really. like facts.

basically, Vick paid for his crimes, has been given a chance by his team, and is doing his best to make that decision a good one. Furthermore, just how long do you want him to pay for animal cruelty? Honestly? I love dogs, I get that it was a shitty crime, but he has actually shown a lot of remorse for his actions in both word and visible efforts, so between the remorse, the changed attitude, and the fact that he paid the price, if the man can play football in the NFL, then he should do so.

Secondly, in terms of B. Favre, anyone who is ACTUALLY willing to consider him anything but a worldclass athlete and a hall of fame QB is clearly not been paying attention. The man is a warrior, and an achiever. Yeah, He's old, and honestly it remains to be seen if he will be all that beneficial to my beloved purple and gold (we should get a clearer idea on monday when he is expected to play the entire first half) but at the very least he has provided, by all accounts, leadership in the position and on the team. The So called "schism" has failed to show itself any sort of serious problem, and in fact many of our starters and team leaders have already accepted him (jared allen and Favre are going hunting in fact). But whether or not he is that useful to the Vikings (with a healed bicep he has that potential) the idea that he is ANYTHING but an incredible QB is absolutely asinine.

I recently had the good fortune to get absolutely smashed in a Winnipeg pub during a Blue Bomber's game, and was given my baptism into CFL by locals. I have to say that I am impressed by the level of play, I think the concept of CFL as any sort of Bush leauge is utter blarney, but there is something to be said for the skill difference of individual players... I point it out by virtue of the level of imports/exports between the two leagues in general, and in particular, the Blue Bombers (who lost that game by the way) have recently picked up Tarvaris Jackson's rights. Now personally, I think he has a lot of good football in him, His QB rating for the last preseason game had him with a perfect, and he threw two td's and no INT's, going 12/15. Still, even though I think he is an underated QB (and far better then Sage) He is in no way, and never will be, an Elite QB in the NFL. So to consider him as a possible starter in a league which only has 8 teams (and therefore 8 spots to fill at starting QB instead of 32) I have to say that at least at QB there may be a difference. Several other positions ,WR, RB, have seen Succesful CFLer's relegated to fairly unsuccesful careers as special team's members in the NFL.

This isn't meant as a knock on the CFL however. From my limited time since that trip i have been able to catch up some on the CFL's history, and it's amazing. Furthermore I LOVE the ability the CFL has to find players growing under rocks out of nowhere and then pull incredile potential from them. Players that would be overlooked in the NFL are able to suceed in the CFL because the mentality is different. The reason the NFL has better players, is better money, and thats pure economics.

In term's of differences between the games, IDK that one is better then the other. They both have reason's behind thier designs. and I truly enjoy the wrinkles that the NFL provides for those who follow it. The CFL's rules are equally interesting however, and I am looking forward to learning more about the CFL in the future.

p.s. I'm offically an Ottawa Renegade fan assuming they are able to restart, mostly because they have incredible history, and because as (basically) an expansion team, they will be joining the league WITH me, meaning I can be a fan from the beginning who also gets the advantage of an amazing history. (plus you have to love the underdogs and Renegade Nation looks like a great fan pool to be a part of) Otherwise, I'm trying to figure out where in the CFL my loyalties lie, I'm considering the Roughriders or the Blue Bombers, but only because te bombers are just north of me, and the Rider's also seem to have an avid fan pool (which I love in a team)