Vick Admits Everything...


We've reviewed in detail the plea agreement signed by Michael Vick on Thursday, along with the statement of facts.

Notwithstanding the anonymous source who told the anonymous reporter at ESPN that Vick would not admit to killing dogs or to gambling, Vick admits to everything.

In paragraph 1, Vick pleads guilty to conspiracy to establish, maintain, etc. an interstate gambling enterprise and conspiracy to engage in interstate dog fighting.

In paragraph 2, Vick admits that the Surry County property to which he initially said he never goes was the main staging area for housing and training pit bulls for fighting.

In paragraph 3, Vick admits to being involved in dog fights at the Surry County property, and to participating in dog fights in other states.

In paragraph 4, Vick admits that the enterprise involved gambling activities in violation of Virginia law. Vick denies that he placed side bets on any fights, or that he received process from the purses. (However, he admits that he was the primary source of funds for the operation. If the winnings went only to his co-defendants, then that's less money Vick had to give them to get them to continue to tend to the operation while he was "at work" for the Atlanta Falcons.)

In paragraph 9, Vick admits that he began acquiring dogs for the operation in "2001-2002," and that the "Bad Newz Kennels" were established in 2002.

In paragraph 12, Vick admits that he knew the other defendants "killed a number of dogs" that did not perform well in testing sessions in 2002. Vick denies killing any dogs at that time.

In paragraph 32, Vick admits that in April 2007 -- the same month in which he say face-to-face with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and denied that dog fighting was occurring on his land -- he agreed with Purnell Peace and Quanis Phillips to kill six-to-eight dogs that did not perform well in testing sessions. Here's the key passage:

"[A]ll of those dogs were killed by various methods, including hanging and drowning. VICK agrees and stipulates that these dogs all died as a result of the collective efforts of PEACE, PHILLIPS, and VICK."

Case closed. He admits to gambling, and he admits to killing dogs.

Someone at ESPN has some serious explaining to do.

I dont know if anybody here reads stuff on pro football talk, but they are like always bang on NFL news the moment it happens. They are pretty legit. Mike Vick really has ruined his career...

alrighty then, primetime.....still think Vick is the future poster-child for the CFL?

The sad thing is he still may get less than a year.

Stay the hell out of Canada!

The sad thing in this case now is that some people are trying to make it a race issue. Personally, I could care less if Michael Vick was Caucasian, Asian, First-Nations, Negro or a Martian! What he as a PERSON did was TERRIBLY WRONG and that is what should be judged in a court of law. Personally, I am sad for him and his family but if he broke the law he must be dealt with accordingly or our laws became things to be ignored.
Best wishes Mr. Vick , I hope you learn from your terrible mistakes. That is the best I can hope for.
-amen on the subject - let's talk CFL football

vick is a sick freak.

anyone who takes pleasure in the torture of animals is not someone i'd trust walking amongst civilization.

The playing career of Michael Vick was thrown into doubt after the NFL suspended the Atlanta quarterback indefinitely without pay on Friday.

The NFL suspension, which goes into effect immediately, comes after Vick filed a plea agreement in U.S. Federal Court Friday afternoon, admitting to conspiracy in a dogfighting ring and helping kill pit bulls.

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Best post yet! Well written Turk.

I am actually surprised that he admitted to everything, I think that's at least a place for him to start.

I think reality finally set in and he realized that with 3 people testifying against him he wasn't going to get anywhere trying to deny what he had done.

Either way, we won't see him back in the NFL for a number of years now, if at all.

I agree. That was pretty much the last nail shutting the coffin on his career.

He admitted in an attempt to save his career...

Agreed it is to get the minimum fine and jail sentence as well. Hey if he goes to jail for year or 18 months he will be out in 6 to 12 months. He comes out and says...oh I am so sorry for what I did and the NFL lets him play next season.

They won't even ban him...because he will be serving his time this year.

Possible... I think Goodell would take a harsher stance though. He seems to hold the players to a higher level of accountability than Tagliabue did.

Actually, sportsnet is reporting an indefinte ban/ that is CFL for him....hopefully this will end talk of him soon.

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I don't think there ever was anyway he could play up here, he was asked to stay away from camp, but still under contract by the Falcons.

I don't think any CFL would pick him up right now anyways even if they could.

if hakim hill couldn't get into canada with a few DUI's then there is no way vick is gonna cross the boarder for football or anything else!

What about Ron Mexico?