Vic Washington

For some reason, this does not seem to be making its way through "regular" media.


Victor A. Washington
(March 23, 1946 - December 31, 2008)

Victor Arnold Washington, 62, of Greenwich Township, NJ passed away Wednesday, December 31, 2008 in Lehigh Valley Hospice in Allentown.

Born March 23, 1946 in Plainfield, NJ he was the son of JT Smith the late Marion Washington.

He was a professional football player in the National Football League having played for the San Francisco 49ers, Houston Oilers and Buffalo Bills. He took part in the 1971 Pro Bowl. Vic also starred on Grey Cup winning teams with the Ottawa Rough Riders of the Canadian Football League.

He is survived by a son, Victor G. of Scottsdale, AZ; three daughters, Theresa of Oakland, CA, Jetdean Martin of Georgia and Vikki Nicholson of Colorado; three sisters, Margaret Uqrhart and Robin Gordon of Plainfield and Linda of Newark, NJ; and three grandchildren.

His passing should make the media stream. I have read stories about him & Russ Jackson as teamates in the glory days of the CFL.

A sad way for the CFL alumni to start 2009....

He died on December 31 so maybe that plays into it.

I understand that his time in Canada was short, but still. It was a pretty impactful couple of years!


The eastern Riders were quite an exciting team to watch with both Vic Washington and Margene Adkins in the lineup; fond memories.

Thanks CRF, enjoyed watching him immensely in the RR offense.

......sad news indeed.....Washington was a real speed merchant, of the day, when Ottawa was a very entertaining and respectable team....Brings back memories of little Ronnie Stewart and Jackson dominating the east....seems so long ago :frowning:

Yes they were, along with Russ Jackson, Bo Scott, Jim Dillard, Ted Watkins and Whit Tucker they could points on the board.
They were the good old days in Ottawa.

RIP Vic.

Here's an exciting clip of Vic from the 1968 Grey Cup:

Nifty little move.

That was a great clip and a typical Vic Washington run. Also noticed that the o-linemen were out leading the blocking. We don't see that much anymore with all the 300 pounders playing up front. The game has changed to more of a pass blocking/straight ahead run blocking type of game. We don't see the sweep plays as much anymore because the defenses are so fast and the big linemen can't get out to lead block like the guys we saw in that clip.
If I recall #61 might be OT Moe Racine who was about 6'04 240 and #51 OG Roger Perdrix who was only 6'01 230. Those guys would be too small to play on todays o-line.

After video review I realize I made a mistake. Moe Racine was #62 holding up the Grey Cup and he was the RT on the Ottawa offensive line.

Great clip for sure, thanks!

This is bugging me now. From the play description, I think #61 might be Tom Beynon.

This is very sad to hear the passing of a true Ottawa Rough Rider and CFL legend playing with the likes of Russ Jackson, Whit Tucker, Ron Stewart, and the rest of Ottawa teams that won back to back Grey Cups in 1968 and 69. My thoughts and condelences go out to him and his family.

This is sad. The backfield of Washington, Bo Scott (later a star with the Browns) and Stewart was downright scary. I loved watching those guys play.

It was announced TODAY on the Lowell Green show on CFRA radio. Lowell was talking about how sad it was that Vic Washington has died. He mentioned some great moments from watching him in the late 60's.