VIA rail ad

Can the admin of this site do away with or move the VIA rail ad? It is most annoying and blocks some of the first message in a thread. :?

8) I second that complaint !!!

Now people are coming about sponsor ADS that help bring in revenue for the Ticats and pay for the site and forum?

When will it ever end.

I'm not aginst the ad or ad revenue, but I agree that it is annoying.

8) Exactly !! All that needed to be done was move the ad over a bit, not remove it !!

Actually it has nothing to do with the size or placement of the ad. It has to do with the size of some people's avators (sp?) know, the photos or signatures at the bottom of their posts.

For example, see GBonds88 in this thread:


Speaking of VIA, I am guessing there is no Ticat/VIA Montreal trip this year...given that we don't play in Montreal in August.

That's too bad, me and my buddy were looking forward to this year's trip. :cry:

exactly the problem and i kept waiting for the admin to ask that it be made within the size guidelines given. It is a great sig, just needs to trim the edge a bit.

what ad???

I guess it only happens if you enter forum from instead of :slight_smile:

The Admins have mentioned in other threads that they are in the process of developing an update for the forums. Hopefully that update will address the problem.

The problem is that they haven't yet deployed a successful approach to managing the width of the content of the "Forums" panel relative to the overall layout of the site.

Under some circumstances, the forum content expands horizontally beyond the border of the "Forums" panel and lays over top of the "Ticats Fan Centre" panel (which contains a column of ads) to the right.

They should be able to either adapt gracefully to this expansion, or detect the conditions that cause it and handle those conditions better.

The VIA Rail ad is animated, so it manages to push itself up to the foreground, obscuring forums content in the process.

the approach is people keeping the avatars and pictures within the forum guidelines listed. It can mean trimming a little off each end or top to bottom maybe but I dont know how to measure the pixels to be sure. Can anyone explain how to measure the pixels properly? But if any of us are breaking it they should let us know so we can adjust the size. This is the guideline listed:
7. Keep image sizes within reason - If you use an avatar or include an image in your signatures, please observe the following guidelines:

· Images within signatures should be no larger than 14k combined.
· Images within signatues should have a height of 80 pixels or less and a reasonable width.