VGGC Semi Finals

I volunteered in this job too late and mentioned I did not have time to set up the program to do all that stuff and would go on a different system as I did not want to spend hours each week on this manually.. I see from you bolded text you are trying to make a point. Well sir, I would most gladly pass on the job. It's all yours.

It is too bad you did not mention your displeasure when it was set up. I will appreciate your efforts next year and promise I will live by your rules.

These above posted rules from Week 3 are Big Daves, not diehardesks. Cheers


I apologize if I caused you any grief. I just looked over the posted rules in the beginning of the year and made a simple logical deduction. I didn't ask (or want you) to spend countless hours to look over stats or produce a new formula. Thanks for your efforts and yes, I will still buy you beer if you visit.

Again, sorry for any confusion.