VGGC Semi Finals

The results for today's games are here:
We have a tie for 4th place and I am not sure how to break it. Please let me know how you wish to proceed.

Next Sunday it will be:
At 1:00: Saskatchewan will be in Toronto for the Eastern Final

At 4:30: Edmonton will be in Calgary for the Western Final.

Congrats to the winners and the best of luck to the finalists.

Many thanks to all


Edmonton. Sask.



Thanks LeBird


    1. Hello CFL posters,

I am back from the departed. Turkeybend here, guaranteeing my Riders will defeat the hapless centre of the universe naval gazing Argonots this weekend.
How nice is it for the CFL to change Canadian geographical boundaries and put the Province of Saskatchewan as honourary Easterners to compete for a berth in the Grey Cup.
Now that Kevin G. has become acclimatized to our RiderNation he will school the lacklustre argos led by wee Wicky.
Coach Trestman deserves credit for keeping track of which down it is (3 downs is easier than 4) this season but even the winds from Lake Ontario will not disrupt the poetry in motion that are the Riders now.
In conclusion,
Sad sack Argos are done and gone
not even to be saved by 'Stompin' Tom
and to those unhappy I'm back I'll confide
the Road paved to Heaven
Rider Pride! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D :wink:
Gobble, Gobble 8)

To our friends MKP_CFLfan and dieharddesk,
We have come to a situation where we must decide how to proceed in the pool. As the prize is of considerable value, the tie breaking process should be fair and equitable. My bird-brain scheme to reward the long shot picks missed the goal.

However, I think it would be fair to determine the 4th place participant by flipping a coin. I have flipped one and MKP_CFLfan has won the right to pick head or tail.

Please make you call and I will flip. If the loser wants proof that it was done fairly, I will send a picture of the way the coin fell. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Le Bird you have done a great job running this.Kudos to you and many thanks

Toronto and Calgary



Good Luck to all

Tails........... lol.

Well I did it and it came up Heads. MKP_CFLfan gets fourth place. So... Do I still get a beer the next time I'm in Edmonton?


picking as an also ran is as cool as going out to a dance with your sister after your girlfriend dumped you.

Just to refresh your memory.

III. Standings

  1. At the end of each week, the standings will be posted here.
  2. Participants are ranked according to:
    a. Most correct picks
    b. Most perfect weeks
    c. Highest aggregate*
    d. Highest percentage correct
  3. Ties will be broken according to correct picks in the most recent week.


Thanks LB



.....Pick the opposite of my take and you'll probably have a winner ;D

What is this that stands before me? No one in the final 4 took Calgary....