VGGC Finals

Here is the final listing for the year:

Congrats to the finalists. Best of luck next week!

I' A touched confused.How did you pick the final four?

Thanks All, and especially LeBird! 8)


Well it just seemed there are tiebreaker problems/issues; here's my point of view on this years VGGC
First off aulcee [55 wins] took first in overall Final Standings, very competitive finish all around.

As for 6th and 7th place 1-1 [49 wins each - diehardesks ahead of MKP_CFLfan after the Odds pts. due to a 4-0 in week/or weeks prior to the Final Standings as both were tied at 95 Odds pts.

After the semi-final games,

  1. Grover 2-0 [50 wins [Odds 101 pts. rank fifth
  2. MrBlues 2-0 [54 wins [Odds 106 pts. rank second overall in Final Standings
  3. aulcee 1-1 [55 wins [Odds 100 pts. rank first overall in Final Standings
  4. Abendschan 1-1 [54 wins [Odds 88 pts. rank third overall in Final Standings
  5. cflukb69 1-1 [52 wins [Odds 88 pts. rank fourth
  6. 7th place see above - ranked at seven and eighth
  7. papazoola 0-0 [50 wins [Odds 85 pts. rank sixth

The final two are, followed by 3rd and 4th.

  1. Grover 3-1 [tie breaker goes to Grover went to 3-0 before the Edmonton loss

  2. Abendschan 3-1 [Toronto win went to 2-1 before the Calgary win

  3. aulcee 2-2 [1-1 in final round

  4. MrBlues 2-2 [0-2 in final round

Grey Cup Championship,

Grover - Calgary (-7 opening point spread Vegas
Abendschan - Toronto

Big Thank-You To LeBird. Cheers to all.
Awards link posted above, don't have weekly stats but some winners can be filled in after Grey Cup game.

That makes a little more sense.

Firstly thanks to le bird taking this up in short notice. Happy with my picks this year.

I would like next year to see the east be a bit more competitive in the regular standings.
I'd like to see the stamps to win been dominant for the last few years since I started watching it in 2014. This year will be the first grey cup I will be watching live having subscribed to the uk channel rather than highlights or the whole game a week later.

My pick Stamps. Though Ray, green and wilder have been impressive.

Enjoy all and cheers

.....Thanks for all the effort LeBird....You took on a tall task and got er done in fine fashion

....Now for my fun pick on who wins it all..
............................ARGOS...........................what he said lol

Calgary wins but hoping for Toronto.

ARGOS for the win.
Thanks LB for all your work on this for the season LB.

I'm throwing caution to the wind and since I'm out of the running I'm picking the Cats over the Bombers .;D

Oh you big dreamer.....Sure had some good ones goin' back in the day though bobo..Grant vs. Trimble....But I think you guys were getting sick of seeing us show up for the Cup lol...Two very good teams of that era and man do I wish we could do it again :wink:

Thanks, LeBird.
Looks like you did a tremendous job!
Sorry for bailing, my heart just wasn’t in it this year. Like players, when it’s not fun anymore, it’s time to step aside and let someone else pick up the torch.
All the best.

Final VGGC results with a few mentioned Big Dave participants awards,

VG Grey Cup Final
2017: Abendschan
2016: Leorocks

Graham Ambrose Memorial Award
2017: Grover
2016: ralfsnart

Atlantic CFL Fan Award
2017: aulcee
2016: MrLucky

Lion Fan Award *tie
*2017: LeBird, aulcee, MrBlues and cflukb69
*2016: aulcee, Grover and papazoola

San Fran Ticat Man Pennant
2017: diehardesks
2016: Tagger

Cedar Island Sam Award [highest odds regardless of standings
2017: raymarkca
2016: pappazoola

Rider Prider Award [lowest odds regardless of standings
2017: Tagger
2016: LeBird

Great game and looking much forward leading up to the 2018 CFL Season. Cheers to all

Thanks to LeBird and all others! :wink:

Can't wait for 2018, Is it June yet??

Thanks for all your work LeBird it was fun.Congrats to Abendschan