Well, I had to re-register because my computer erased all my saved passwords, I forgot my password, and I didn’t change my email address, so my new password was sent to my old account. So now instead of “BigDave” I’m “Big Dave”. As a result of this I have lost my moderator status. Hopefully this is only temporary.

Anyhoo, for anyone who is still interested, I guess I’ll be doing the VGCC again this year. The rules are the same as last year.

I’ll create the Week 1 thread after the first pre-season games.

Welcome back BigDave Big Dave. Normally I abstain from commentary about the rules :stuck_out_tongue: , but alternatively I throw this out for sake of any assistance in the common interest of the integrity of our fine annual contest on here.

One note of which you may or may not be aware is that now posts on the site can be edited indefinitely.

That was not the case in prior years of course.

As permanent editing is a new feature, obviously you may want to coordinate with the technical resources and either have that featured disabled just for your thread or alternatively, disqualify any posts that show the picks as edited.

I always thought the rule was always zero editing - make a new post if you change your picks and it must be time stamped prior to kick off ?

Hello Big Dave, glad you're back for another season of VGCC - cheers

Hello Big Dave and nice to have you back. I appreciate what you do. Keep up!