VGCC Standings Delayed!

For some unknown reason, the CFL has seen fit, in its infinite wisdom, to swap the order of the Labour Day games these past couple of years, playing the western game first and the eastern game second.

The result of this is that, instead of two afternoon games, fans in Alberta enjoy the game in the afternoon, while those of us in the Golden Horseshoe are forced to attend a night game -- a MONDAY night game. Far from a holiday weekend game, we are forced to hurry home so we can get to bed in time to get enough sleep to get up the next morning to go to work, or in the case of the young people, return to school after their long summer vacation.

How does this affect the VGCC? Well, clearly I will not be staying up until the wee hours of the morning to post the standings. I will have to get online during the week to do it. Other commitments mean that there is no guarantee that they will be posted on Tuesday, either. Wednesday evening is the most probable, although I can't promise that, either.

I'm sorry to those of you who look forward to seeing the standings on time each week.

np Big Dave :wink: i am one who looks forward to my weekly standings and i understand, by the way i went 4 - 0 this week :rockin: i just wanted to bragg :oops: :stuck_out_tongue:

take your time mate, I'm 3 and 1, hopefully the damage will not be that bad.

BTW, how does the playoffs work for the VGCC?

Thanks Big Dave. Ignore my pm. This post explains it.