VGCC Playoffs

Well, only a few weeks left in the regular season, so I guess it's time to explain the new playoff structure for the VGCC. I've highlighted the changes to the old structure.

The problem was that in past seasons, we've had people get way out in front, which has allowed them to clinch the VGCC before the Grey Cup game is played. Under the new playoff structure, that will not happen.

As I've said all along, the top 8 participants advance to the playoffs. Others are welcome to make their picks, and to discuss their picks along with the others, but only those of the top 8 participants will count.

NEW Only the rankings count from then on. The number of games you are in the lead will only help you in the event of a tie.

Make your picks as you normally would.

NEW Picks must be in at 12 midnight on the Friday night before the games. No late picks will be accepted at all!

NEW On the Saturday (hopefully shortly after midnight Friday) I will post which teams each of the participants gets. Check the thread on Saturday to see which teams you have. No more than half the eligible participants can choose any team. If possible, you will get the teams you chose, but those who rank higher will be given priority. IMPORTANT: Don't let this affect your picks! Pick the teams you think will win, as usual. Even if you're the eighth-ranked person and everyone else is picking the same team, pick them anyway. Some people may make last-minute (i.e. Friday night) changes that will let you have that team. Make your picks, and allow me to assign the teams.

Anyone who does not make picks by the deadline will be considered to be abstaining, and will not have teams assigned to them. This puts them at a considerable disadvantage.

NEW Each week, the eligible participants are ranked, based on their performance in that week. If there is a tie in playoff week 1, it will be broken by who has the best regular season record. If there is a tie in playoff week 2, it will be broken by who had the better record in playoff week 1, then by who had the best regular season record. There can be no tie in Grey Cup week.

NEW After each playoff week, half of the eligible participants are eliminated. Eight people participate in the Divisional Semi-Finals week, four people participate in the Divisional Finals week, and two people participate in Grey Cup week.

The one person who "picks" the Grey Cup champion wins the Virtual Grey Cup Challenge.

Now that the technical stuff is out of the way, I just want to explain a little more about why I made the changes I did.

I wanted the playoffs to emulate the CFL playoffs more. In the past, the VGCC playoffs have been just an extension of the regular season, with only the top players qualifying. Now, you have to do well in each playoff week, or you're done.

In each CFL playoff game, one goes on, and one goes home. Similarly, now one half of the remaining VGCC group goes on, and one half goes home at the end of each playoff week.

Limiting the number of participants picking each team to half may be the most controversial change, but if you look at it logically, it only makes sense. It is possible for everyone to pick the same teams. It has happened before, and is likely to happen again. If that were to happen, no matter who wins, the rankings would be the same as they were the week before, and the lower-ranked people would be automatically eliminated, before the games are even played. So in order for the bottom half of the group to have a chance at advancing, they will, if necessary, get their picks changed by me.

Like I said, don't let that limitation affect which teams you pick. Pick your teams as you would normally. Say you're in fifth place, and in a Calgary/Edmonton game, the top four people have already picked Edmonton. So you pick Calgary, even though you think Edmonton will win. Then say one of those four changes their mind and posts on Friday afternoon that they want to pick Calgary instead. Now, you've got Calgary, even though you think Edmonton will win, and you could have had them in that game. Ignore everyone else, and just make your picks.

And if you're in 8th place, even though your picks are pretty well dictated, you still have to make your picks. If you abstain, you will not have any teams assigned, and you have no chance of advancing.

Overall, I think this will make the playoffs a lot more exciting than they have been in the past.

Looks like fun. Hopefully I can keep ahold of a playoff spot.
Thanks Big Dave

........arrgh........too much info for a sunday afternoon.......I'll worry about making 8th place first then what Big D has written........

........again Dave, 'you the man' for running this whole thing.........

What about ties going into the playoffs (a tie for eighth in the regular season)? May I assume that whoever has the best aggregate spread (not a chance it would be me in a tie!) advances in the eighth spot, and the rest are left behind?

Sounds good. Should be entertaining. Now I just have to move up a spot or two....

I’m out, but I’d like to call my picks for the playoffs, can I still do that on your topic Big D, or will I have to start another?

I'll be happy just to get 8th place.....Man what a battle for that last spot!

looks like fun BigDave, i hope i'll be in !

whew When I saw there were responses I thought a half dozen people would be crying about how unfair this is.

Anyone can continue making picks on the VGCC thread as usual; but only those who qualify will have their picks entered in my spreadsheet.

Yep, the Aggregate Spread is used as a tiebreaker. Regular season rankings are by: (a) most correct picks; (b) fewest incorrect picks among tied participants; (c) highest aggregate spread among tied participants; and (d) most perfect weeks among tied participants. If there is still a tie (extremely unlikely) it will be broken by whichever person had the best record in regular season week 20, then in regular season week 19, then week 18, and so on.

Like RedandWhite says, the easiest thing to do is just to try and finish in the top 8. (And keep in mind those who finish higher have an advantage, kind of like home-field advantage in the real CFL.) Then just make your picks, and check on Saturday which teams you get. It may seem a bit confusing now, but once we get a post-season week under our belt, I'm pretty sure it will all make sense.

Absolutely brilliant set-up Big Dave. This makes the regular season worth a lot.

Well well well, look at UglyandHasty, with his "I hope I'll be in" :cry:

Mister no.1 in the standings trying to play low profile :x

Well we're not falling in your trap of deceit mister. :shock:

GOOD DAY SIR! :evil:


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Sometimes you really feel like some posters lack the cognitive habilities necessary to recognize a joke.

Anyhow, where was I?

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BigDave, allow me to be the first one to post a negative comment.

I dislike the fact you can be assigned your teams for one important reason: it can screw up the glory of winning.

You see, if the person who win the VGCC wins it with the teams that were assigned to it instead of the one it really picked, it makes for bittersweet victory.

Everyone, including the victorious poster will know that victory wasn't achieved by skill, but by a turn of events. How would you brag next year about being the VGCC champ if you win with picks you haven't made?

It is your game, so you'll do like you want and I'll keep playing no matter what. But personally, I'd rather if we could make the picks we want and be eliminated by your tiebreaking rule (regular season ranking).

I understand why Dave is doing it this way.
I assume with only 6 games to eliminate 7 people it would be hard to have a winner.

If I may make a suggestion,
Why not allow the top eight to pick their team and the score or at least a point spread. Exact details would have to be worked out but it may be something for you to think about.

That would be a better way to break ties. Points spread. I like it.

I like how Big Dave is doing it. What happens when everyone picks the same two teams in a week? If it goes by point spread it will be the same and if it then goes to regualr season records the top 4 teams move on regardless. This way teams 5-8 have the chance to move on, yes it may be winning by default but at least they have a chance to win.

I'd rather sink with my own picks than move on without deserving it. That's the whole goal of this game: to know who is the best at making picks. If I make the same picks as the top four participants (given that I am into it, of course), then I shall be eliminated for my lower rank in the stadings. I'm okay with that. Its okay to leave an edge to the top four because they made their way up there through 20 weeks of picking winners.


Third_And_Ten makes a very good point. I think eliminating people who pick the same team with their regular season record is a better way to go at it then the possibility to win or lose by default with an assigned pick.


Ask the remaining 8 to pick the WINNER and the SPREAD and then the SCORE

Example (Grey Cup):
Player 1: Montreal over BC, spread: 7, score 40-33
Player 2: Montreal over BC, spread: 7, score 27-20

GAME SCORE: Montreal 30, BC 24

Result: Player 2 wins because his score prediction (27-20) was closer to the actual score (30-24) (3 points diff. vs. a 10 points diff.).

So, even when the two players pick the same team and the same spread, you still have a way to determine the winner, without assigning anything to anyone. :smiley: