VGCC Insight - Week 7

Geez, the way my picks have been going so far, I guess I should be listening to Schultz or the coin..... :roll:

why would you listen to Shultz? the coin is obviously smarter.

…hey, I used a coin this week to make my picks and they are different than your coin…what’s going on here!!!..

Use a two-headed coin R&W.. that should help you out... :wink:

You used A coin.
I used THE coin.


....damn, and to think I spent $5 on that loonie......

lol... you were definately robbed, as THE coin isn't even a loonie. It is a 1986 nickel. I know I put a loonie picture up there in the table, but I really used that nickel that was standing there, beside the computer, up from the beginning. I was just too lazy to get out of my chair and go get a loonie.

The "expert" is 0-2 so far this week... and he picked the Argos yet... Allen might make them competitive but they wont beat the Lions and the only one he may have right is the Calgary-Sask game.

So if BC wins tonight, the dog will step ahead of Schultz ! Go Lions !

The expert sucks this week.. I can't BELIEVE I didn't consult the coin. I gotta stop playing all the risky picks.. Toronto.. geez.. what was I thinking? Maybe I should start trying to pick the losers.. I'm better at that I think.

Hey, 3nd, I'll take Madden's spot if you want! I'M 4 AND 0 THIS WEEK BABY!!!

BTW, you dog sucks, my dog, Aussie, beat the crap out him this week! and he could so take your dog on!

Wow. 0 for 4 for the expert which drops him to below 50%. Shultz better pick up his game!

There is a lesson to be learned here. Pick which ever teams Schultz doesn’t…

The guy has been around football a long time. Must be picking his choices just to get some chatter going. Pretty tought when you’re fighting off Sancho for last place. Talking of that four-legged night crawler, will someone please get it sobbered up sooner this week?

Is that Sancho or Schultz?

Sancho is an undependable doginizer. Keep that pooch away from the keyboard.

Hey 3nd, I'll do the Madden picks for this week, ok?


Nope. Madden is just about to be back on track. The game will make its own picks for the weeks it has missed, and then, it'll be at par with the other "experts". I promise I won't tell the Xbox who really won those games.

I don't think you box will believe you! :lol:

good to see the Box back on track, my is in the shop. :cry: