VGCC Insight - Week 6

Time for week 6.

Sancho is coming out of a nice payoff of 66%, making some ground back, but he's gambling it all AGAIN with the Ticats.

Meanwhile, the amazing coin toss was totally off last week, scoring as many points as Schultz: 0.

Madden is still... uhh... thinking about it.

Common 3nd, have the Xbox fixed, and let's see how Madden does agaist the others.

I’m just glad that the coin has proved fallable… didn’t want to have to start attending coin meetings every sunday

Sancho, know something about Montreal? E-bark me.

Sancho picks against Montreal week in and week out. That's pretty much why he ranks last so far.

Come on buddy, make your master proud next week !

Maybe Sancho's being rebellious... we think of our little guy as our kid, so it's easier to transpose any parent-child relationship on Brew. But I'd still say he's mainly rebelling, especially this week.

Yeah... Maybe he expresses his discontent to see me let him locked alone at home when I leave for an Als game...

By the way, this week he was pretty sure about Winnipeg. He picked that piece of paper without any kind of hesitation and chewed happily on it.

I think he showing his hate for that suspended animation kennel that you got for him, 3nd! :lol:


3nd, to fix your Xbox, just take a hammer and... :lol:

Hummer could work too, although I'm talking about the CAR!

People are looking at me are going "Really???"

Hey Third, this is great stuff. I agree with the "Sticky" on this post. :thup:

And coming from last year's VGCC champ, you know that means a lot :wink:

Mabye I might pick against the "expert", he seems to jinx whoever he chooses... :lol: too, think I'll get that old dartboard out for next week.......

hey turd, good thing your dog is cute because he is dumber than schultz.

lol... At least he's got a good excuse: He's a dog.

What's Schultz excuse?

But sancho beat Schultz this week… so he’s obviously not dumer (the “b” is intentionally left out, just sos ya knows)

Third, does sancho leave you “presents” in your living room when you come back from the games too, to remind you why you’re sposed to take him with you?

In fact, Sancho stands now just one point behind Schultz and Loto-Qubec (whose final two picks were Calgary and Saskatchewan).

With 14 weeks to go, Sancho is in the race as is anybody.

And no, 42Monkey42, Sancho doesn't leave me "presents" when I'm at the game, because Mrs T&T is left home too and she would not approve her lil'boy's behaviour.

Oh, I see.... Brew's only bad like that when we're both gone for longer periods of time, and less often as of late.

Good thing the Mrs. is home to keep Sancho out of trouble. :slight_smile:

By the way, where is that feabitten bucket of bones? Is this the Warner trick? Bad week=No show! Had to make my picks on my own, again.

You'll get the VGCC Insight tonight. And you can change your picks after you've seen it. It will still be time.