VGCC Insight - Week 5

Here we are with the week four results. The amazing coin toss keeps scoring high, and you'll notice Chris Schultz took no risk this week and COPIED the coin's picks !

As for the Madden simulator, we are experiencing a little lag in the results, but it's nothing that can't be resolved later on as the Xbox game DOESN'T REALLY KNOW what the true scores were. I swear !

Did Sancho have a day pass with Ricky Williams? Hope it does not plan on playing in the NFL.

Nah. No link between the two. Williams smokes, while Sancho snifs.

I can see the tabloid headlines now:

"Prognasticating canine picks winners while high on glue" :lol:

Better call Smith for a whizmaster. Winners get tested.

Ummmm, I believe the product formerly utilized by the Bomber castoff was called a "Whizzinator." :lol:

Way to go Sancho ! You're making back some ground on your birthday !

take that back.

the dog did pretty well with 2 wins, and the toss is losing ground.

Hooooo... The magic coin was shut out !