VGCC Insight - Week 4

I can't believe how good that coins doing. :o

Yes! I'm golden.. the coin agrees with all my picks.

Ha ha, the coin picked BC to win.

Soon, we will all begin to consult the coin on other matters, as it is proving to be all-knowing.... I wish the coin had picked the riders this weekend tho....

1-2 ain't so bad, right? :slight_smile:

Ha, ha, indeed !

haha, the coins doing better than Schultz... and probably better than most of us in the pool we have going on here.

I think the coin will do the best, but what's the Madden picks?

Yeaah… 3 out of 4. Stupid Edmonton burns me again. I bet against them, they win… so I bet with them… and they lose… so I bet against them again… and they win! I’m gonna bet for them every week until they’re so far behind that they can’t even see the Riders anymore. :wink: