VGCC Insight - Week 3

Here are this week's predictions from our "experts".

An amazing 60% of our panel believe the Bombers will show Ricky Ray a lesson, and no one sees the Cats getting started. Interesting.

This week, I've added a poll regarding the underdogs. Ya think the "experts" are wrong?

By the way, here are the Madden scores:

Ham @ Cal 16-35
Tor @ BC 23-13
Edm @ Win 27-40

Freakin Ricky Williams again! But Winnipeg is a surprise.

....Rah Sancho Rah!!!.....

Sancho was really sure about BC this week. When I showed him the papers with the team names on it, he picked BC right away and chewed the piece of paper so fast I had to pick it back midway down his throat.

No fair rubbing meat on the paper.

I think it's funny that the coin toss is more accurate than Chris Schultz.

Where is Maggie the monkey when you need her... :lol: :lol:

sancho is your dog..LOLOLOL...that is probably the most creative thing ive seen on this board, he chewed the piece of paper huh LOL...i might have to do that with my doberman but murray is a little to dumb to do that. he jsut likes the sunshine girl

this is great stuff third....and raw maybe murray isnt so dumb afterall if he is going for the sunshine girl....

hes a good dog....but third tht dog thing i the best thing on this site...


Its the Ebonics thing again, jm. Humour the kid. :lol:

the coin toss is going to be right, again, and so will the expect.

lol... The coin toss is 10 out of 11. This amazes me the most. If it wins this competition, I'll put it on eBay at the end of the season.