VGCC Insight - Week 18

Go Sancho go!! :smiley:

...Question for Sportsmen....Sporty i noticed that you picked Sask. over the Als. one point in week eighteen....IS there any chance i could get you to pick my 6/49 numbers for me this week....GOOD ONE.... :lol: :lol:

Now I'm worried for the Bombers. There is a good chance that either Sancho or Shultz is going to have a perfect week, but which one will it be?

Go Sancho!

Schultz can't have a perfect week. Als lost last night.

By perfect I meant getting every game wrong. He would then be perfect at getting them wrong.

lmao - I can live with that.....

Interesting stat of the week: If Sancho goes perfect, then he'll be tied with Schultz with 2 weeks remaining.

Als got robbed this weekend!

Bubbles could see better

Go Bombers!

Sancho gets the perfect week this week.

...OMG, Sancho and Schultz are tied....this has to make it's way to TSN somehow.....even if it is just for Dunnigan or Climie to rib the big guy about it....

lol!... I'll email the guys at TSN. Good idea R&W !

Hey, I just noticed ro1313 is tied with Schultz and Sancho ! lol... email TSN, I'll pm ro1313...

Just lucky, My picking s*cked the first few weeks. I'm on the outside looking in for the playoffs this year.