VGCC Insight - Week 11

i like the coin toss picking the blue and gold. hey, it has done better than the rest.

... although it has proven to be fallable !

yeah, i was thinking montreal might lose as well.

Too bad sancho's going to have to be pretty lucky to make it back to .500 ball..... and it looks like the bookies are making a run for first place.... can't wait to see how that turns out!!! :slight_smile:

Sancho will be back at .500 if he's 3/3 this week. And it could happen, although I certainly do not wish it.

The SSK/HML will be a non factor in the race, because everybody will get the same score out of it, whether it is 1 or 0.

the dog's gonna be prefect this week, expect will be 2 and 1.

.....Third, that's like the sixth time your dog has chosen against your team isn't it? he pees on your Habs jersey when you're not looking too....

so that’s where those yellow spots on my Jets jersey have been coming from.

Go Dog Go

Yeah, Sancho constantly picks against the Als. Although he picked them when they visited the Stampeders. Was the bad time to go with them.

He sure likes confronting me.

We have an on-air confessional during the half: Schultz has officially gone on record and said, "If Quinn wins this game, I'm turning in my CFL licence for predicting football games." I think this is going to be a very rare occurrance where everyone in the league will cheer for the Bombers.

Just out of curiosity, how does Sancho make his picks?

I put pieces of paper on the floor with teams names on them. Sancho sniffs the pieces of paper and eventually pick one up and tries to bring it back to his cushion, where he chews on his toys and stuff. The team name on that piece of paper becomes his official pick.

He already tried to eat papers with BC written on them.... I figured he was pretty damn sure of these choices.

Smart Dog!

When do you figure to get the Madden 06 back up and running?

I officially got the rosters this past Thursday, so Madden will be updated as soon as I have the time to do it. I have all that I need. I might do that tomorrown night.

By the way 42Monkey42, Sancho did go perfect this week and is now back at 50%.

I did notice, I was actually happier that he got back to .500 ball than I would've been if my predicted prairie sweep would've happened.