We all knew this was to happen someday. Well, after only seven weeks of playing, Schultz ranks dead last in efficiency behind a video game, a lottery system, a coin toss and a dog !

Here are week 8 predictions.

Nooooo! Shultz picked Winnipeg this week! Bombers will have to play extra hard to overcome the Shultz curse.

And by the way, I first read that as "SHULTZ IS DEAD!". I was like "WTF?" until I saw the word "last." lol. :lol:

gotta go with him on this weeks picks. To me, the most likely one for him to be wrong on is cal, but I find teams that are fairly equal usually split b2b games. I hate b2b. It should be abolished.

Schultz just went for the favourites-- he needs to boost his percentage. Way to go out on a limb there Shultzy...he seems to be better at NFL picks than CFL picks.. he is better with his Risky Business than predicting CFL games...wonder why they keep him as a CFL analyst..TSN would be better off to find another, better analyst who knows the CFL game.

Always thought Schultz was brain dead... this confirms it.. :lol:

Aw man, Shultz is just about the best in Canada. How can get down on him. He speaks well, he got good personality, he is straight on tell it like it is, he DOES know the game. Knowing the game real well doesnt guarantee that you can pick the winners or those who know the game the most would be making killings in Vegas.

I don't know if he's that good FootballYouBet. Last year, he wrote a column in which he admitted he did not listen to Randorf, Dunnigan nor Climie during TSN pregame and halftime shows. He just memorizes what he wants to say and let it out when it is his turn.

In that article, he even said: "Matt Dunnigan could lead me into the discussion by saying 'You really are a big dork Schultz', and I would go 'Yes Matt' and then go on with what I had prepared".

All I know is I'm cheering for Sancho this week! Good boy, picking the riders... :slight_smile:

sounds like he needs to lessen to the 4 strings song "Back to Basics" :lol:

Hey, after all, he is an o-lineman. Takes a lot of work for those lunkheads to keep track of their thoughts. Lots of advance prep needed. Cant go getting confused by listening to what everyone else is saying :lol: :lol: :lol:

Still, and all, whatever his technique, what he eventually says is usually worth listening too, specially compared to most of the others. The only other person I like listening to more is not even talking about football. That is none other than Kelly Hrudey :thup:

Schultz is just a loser. He is behind a dog for christ's sake! There are others here in the VGCC that are ahead of him in picks. If I went with his picks I would be 12-14! IF you chose to go with coin toss you would be sitting pretty ,and even the dog would have you at .500! Honestly, Schultz is no more an "expert" than anyone participating in this challenge.