• Just like the Als, the magical Coin could not keep its followers away last week. It was shut out for the first time of the season.

  • However, it can still close the deal on Friday night. If Saskatchewan or Montreal wins, the Coin Toss will be crowned the 2006 VGCC EXPERT OF THE YEAR.

  • As for last place, Sancho and Schultz both scored 2 out of 4 last week and are still tied in the basement. This is the last week they have to part ways. With his current picks, Schultz can not finish any higher than fourth place. However, should Montreal and Winnipeg both win, Sancho would finish tied in second place with Loto-Quebec, after being last almost all season long.

  • The fun thing of this challenge is it proved no one can really KNOW what'll happen in the sports business: There is no such thing as an expert !

Turd, the VGCC Insight was one of the threads I looked forward to most every week.....thanks for the weekly Insight!

Hmmm, so this thread kind of went to the dogs.

Very insightful, and you are right Third, there really are no "experts".

Right Sporty... no experts... only people with dartboards !

No play off picks? I wanted to see Sancho pass Schultz!